Friday, May 24, 2019

President Trump leads the way in Venezuela - Ed Timperlake

by Ed Timperlake

It is very obvious that Maduro forces would not be in negations if it weren’t for President Trump calling President Putin.

President Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize and did nothing as Venezuela spiraled into poverty, despair, and murder while becoming a narcotics money-fueled failed state run by emerging war criminals. President Trump simply took direct action by reaching out to President Putin with profound consequences for good. President Trump has personally engaged on the Venezuelan campaign to craft strategic economic debt servicing maneuvering space for President Guaido to succeed.

January 23, 2019 demonstration in Caracas (VOA photo)

A recent New York Times article is reflective of their bias an agenda to destroy Trump, giving him zero credit for doing the right thing. If President Trump had not reached out to President Putin and followed up with Secretary Pompeo, Maduro would have never agreed to the Oslo meeting with Guaido. But as the Times portrays it:
Mr. Guaidó has been forced to consider negotiations with Mr. Maduro. Both sides have sent representatives to Norway for talks, a concession Mr. Guaidó previously rejected.
The sentence is factually backward it should read, “Mr. Maduro has been forced to consider negations with Mr. Guaido.” It is so very obvious that Maduro forces would not be in negations if it weren’t for President Trump calling President Putin.

Excellent reporting by Ben Kew of Breitbart captures the will blindness and ignorant stupidity of those who claim to be our moral superiors, praising Venezuela’s socialism. The list includes Labor Party leader of UK Jeremy Corbin; stand-by UK, you could be next.

Many liberal pols, pundits and especially Hollywood fuzzy thinkers, all of whom we should consider acting like spoiled children, bought into the much over-hyped glories of the Venezuela’s socialist experiment, which has proven to be an abject dismal failure. Additionally, Venezuelan leaders taking away weapons is a perfect example of why Americans should be very thankful we all have 2nd Amendment rights, Venezuelan citizens most certainly do not .

The Venezuelan Campaign to free a country by very brave people such as Juan Guiado and his followers may symbolically have a Valley Forge Moment. But such courage makes them capable of metaphorically crossing their Delaware. They just did that by bring on board a very experienced US debt workout specialist, sovereign debt lawyer Lee Buchiet.
“Lee has great respect in the sovereign debt community and among commercial creditors, government lenders and public officials,” said Ricardo Hausmann, the opposition’s representative at the Inter-American Development Bank.
Buchheit will be representing Venezuela on a pro-bono basis, according to Jose Ignacio Hernandez, who Guaido has tapped as a special prosecutor representing the country’s interests abroad.
With negotiations commencing and a very smart US debt workout specialist now in play, it will become very obvious to Russia and China that Maduro, fueled by narco-criminal money, in no way can service the billions they loaned to Venezuela.

President Trump, NYC real estate developer, knows this as does President Guiado. The oil fields whose production has declined are the only hope to turn around this economic and human rights Venezuela disaster. So much for the reporting of NYT and all the news that’s fit to print, in its view.

Ed Timperlake


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