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Photos: Top 10 atrocities from the now-vaunted Soleimani - Monica Showalter

by Monica Showalter

Hollywood leftists are sending their condolences. But what this beast has done would make anyone else's hair stand on end.

As creeps like Rep. Ilhan Omar denounce the rubout of Iranian terrorist kingpin Qassem Soleimani as the killing of a "foreign official," the press calls him "a farm boy" or "icon," and stupid Hollywood celebrities send their condolences to "the Iranian people," (who are celebrating, actually) the ugly hard reality remains that Qassem Soleimani, leader of the terrorist Quds force, was a monster, a stone-cold killer of innocents, the driving force behind Iran as a state sponsor of terror. His funeral song should be "That Smell." He stunk of death all around him and liked the stench. According to the Washington Post:
“The warfront is mankind’s lost paradise,” Soleimani said in a 2009 interview. “One type of paradise that is portrayed for mankind is streams, beautiful nymphs and greeneries. But there is another kind of paradise. ... The warfront was the lost paradise of the human beings, indeed.”
But this isn't stopping the left from lionizing the beast. Here's a list, in no particular order, of the worst of what he did:

1. Assassination. The left may rail about the targeted killing of Soleimani as an 'assassination' but killing heads of state was Soleimani's stock in trade. He was behind the 2005 bomb murder of Lebanon's beloved president, Rafik Hariri. Dexter Filkins, writing in the New Yorker, in 2013, explained what and why: "Hariri, a Sunni, had been trying to take Lebanon out of the Iranian-Syrian orbit. On Valentine’s Day, he was killed by a suicide truck bomb whose payload weighed more than five thousand pounds." Harire death left a cold chill throughout the Middle East.

Hariri assassination memorial // Image credit: St1ke, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Mass killings of American military targets. In 1983, Soleiman was involved in the Beirut barracks bombing. Acting in the mullah regime's interests, his idea was to drive U.S. forces out through use of Iran's little pawn, Hezb'allah, which grew in power after the mass attack while Iran itself succeeded in getting the Iran's aims enacted. Soleimani's Quds force was the actual creator of Hezb'allah, which was always happy to be Iran's little pawn. After the attacks, all were emboldened. I recall that the late great Herbert Meyer, at the time a Reagan administration national security official, later said the Reagan administration rued the decision to take troops out, given the growing power of the terrorists that came of it.
Beirut U.S. barracks bombing // USMC public domain

3. Mass killings of more American military targets. In 1996, Soleimani and his buddies sent in a truck bomb to blow up the Khobar Towers in naked warfare to advance Iran's interests. Iran had a problem with the U.S. teaming up with the Saudis to fortify the nation from extremist attacks. Twenty mostly American troops were killed and nearly 500 were injured and he got away with it.

4. Targeting of diplomatic compounds, Part I: Soleimani went after American civilians, too, and anyone associated with them in his twin bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing 224 innocents, mostly Africans who either worked at the facilities or were passers by. 4,000 more were injured. Al Qaida got most of the blame, but Soleimani was the state sponsor for al-Qaida, giving it its start:
Kenya bombing aftermath // FBI public domain

5. Actual war on U.S. troops during the Iraq war. Andrew McCarthy writes: "Our government estimates that he was responsible for the killing of more than 600 U.S. troops during the fighting in Iraq — and that represents just some of his anti-American operations, coordinating the networks that target Americans and our interests throughout the region." He wasn't satisfied with the passive-aggressive kind of warfare on civilians, he moved into full frontal warfare with the Americans.

6. Sadistic innovations in war-crime warfare, 2005-2019: Most of the world agrees that land mines and chemical warfare are out of bounds. Not Soleiman, who saw that as his opportunity to get a battlefield edge through innovations in war crime technology others wouldn't touch. According to the Washington Post, his sick legacy was the EFP, a more gruesome version of the IED, to target U.S. troops. Some people innovate to make the world a better place. Soleimani only got creative in order to advance evil. The Post writes: "EFPs killed at least 196 U.S. troops and wounded nearly 900 between 2005 and 2011, defense officials revealed in 2015, and Castner said a high number of amputations throughout the war were the direct result of the weapons. In the 2006 attack, slugs took both legs off a soldier and one from a gunner, he wrote in his memoir, 'The Long Walk.'"

7. Unprovoked rocket assaults on Israel. When one speaks of attacks on Israel, one is tempted to ask 'which one' and Soleimani was certainly responsible for nearly all of them. However, Soleimani's 2018 barrage, halted mostly by the Iron Dome, but nevertheless open warfare of raining rocket attacks through use of Hezb'allah, called for a response. Israel wanted to take him out, according to citations in the Jerusalem Post, but was halted by the Obama administration, which warned the mullahs of the plan.

8. Brutal attacks on democracy at home: Soleimani wasn't just a foreign-ops guy, he was also the chief thug back home in Iran, urging vicious crushing of student protests, according to the Guardian, presumably beginning in at least 2009 and certainly carrying on in earnest since 2017. The mailed fist of power was the only thing that animated him. The Guardian writes: Soon after taking control of the Quds force, he was part of a group of Revolutionary Guard commanders who in a letter warned reformist President Mohammad Khatami to put down student protests, or risk them stepping in. Police moved in to crush protests, as they would a decade later. “He was more important than the president, spoke to all factions in Iran, had a direct line to the supreme leader and was in charge of Iran’s regional policy,” said Dina Esfandiary, a fellow at the Century Foundation think tank. “It doesn’t get more important and influential than that.”

9. His Houthi War in Yemen. Yemen's a miserable place with massive demographic and resource problems. Soleimani used that as the perfect launch pad to attack Saudi Arabia. Untold miseries of warfare followed, mostly blamed on President Trump in the mass media. It was actually Soleimani's doing.

Image credit: VOA public domain
10. The first 9/11s. Soleimani was involved in the still-unpunished bombing of the Israeli embassy in 1992 and the even bigger AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires in 1994, which killed more than 100 people. Up until then, mass casualty murder of civilians was not a terrorist 'thing.' After that, it was. AMIA was said to be the first 9/11, the model for this sick new mode of terror which culminated in 9/11. Soleimani wasn't the chief of the Quds force at the time but the Guardian reports he was thought to have been in on it. We know he got promoted not too long after.

AMIA attack aftermath // public domain
This list is just a little list. The beast's terrorism career extended across the world, with his involvement in attacks in India, in Thailand, in France. He's the creep who gave Hugo Chavez all that protection and entrenchment in Venezuela. Remember the bizarre assassination bid against the Saudi ambassador that originated in Texas? Him again. He never stopped aiming for the big atrocities. Let him explain them now as he meets his Maker. 

Image credit, Soleimani picture:, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

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