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Satellite images show Iranian site destroyed by alleged Israeli strike in Syria - Israel Hayom Staff

by Israel Hayom Staff

ImageSat International says a site operated by Iran's military sustained massive damage in airstrikes near Damascus International Airport. Israel has not commented on the incident, attributed by foreign media to the IAF.

Satellite images show Iranian site destroyed by alleged Israeli strike in Syria
Satellite images showing damage to what it believed to be an Iranian Quds Froce site near Damascus International Airport | Photo: ImageSat International

Satellite images released on Monday suggested that a site operated by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria was all but destroyed in an airstrike allegedly carried out by the Israeli Air Force last week.

ImageSat International said that its images indicated that several warehouses on the Damascus International Airport compound were destroyed in the strike along with multiple office buildings. It is believed that the area was used to store weapons and munitions flown into Syria from Iran.

Satellite photos show severe damage to office buildings and a warehouse near a runway. Another warehouse was completely destroyed and a shelter was partially damaged. In total, three different areas were struck.

Foreign media reports attributed the Feb. 13 strike to the IAF saying it came just hours after a weapons shipment arrived at the airport from Tehran. Israel has not commented on the incident.

Last Thursday, Syrian state news agency SANA said the country's air defenses intercepted an incoming missile strike by Israeli aircraft, but the often-heard claim was dismissed as false boasts by defense analysts.

Saudi news channel al-Arabiya reported four IRGC members and three Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack, a claim echoed by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Israel has long maintained that it will not tolerate Iran's efforts to entrench itself militarily in Syria, Israel's neighbor to the north. Israel accuses Iran of seeking to set up a military presence in Syria with aim of using it as a launchpad for attacks against the Jewish state.

Israel Hayom Staff


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