Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Liberals, Israel and Disaster

by James Lewis

Liberals start from false premises. False premises always lead to false conclusions. Being stuck with delusional belief systems, they keep running into brick walls, getting bloody noses, and being surprised every time it happens. Then they fix up their false beliefs -- mostly by blaming any adults in the vicinity -- and go back to their delusions, having learned nothing.

Only to run into another brick wall. (Repeat from the top.)

This is the stuff of the Keystone Kops comedy, but it's funny only until one of them gets into the White House. Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton (who had four chances to get bin Laden handed over without a shot being fired). And now we have the most mentally stuck hero of them all, Barack Hussein Obama.

Israel shares every delusional disorder of the West -- like radical left-wingers. The left is a cultic delusion both here and there, because they deny reality, make up their own, and then try to steer the supertanker of state using imaginary maps.

The one advantage Israel has in this mind game is more brick walls to bump into. Where it matters, Israelis are constantly focusing on reality. That's why the U.S. and Israel have the only two armed forces in the world that are effective: practice, practice, practice. War is the most disillusioning experience in the world, literally dis-illusioning -- its kills illusions and delusions starting with the first contact with the enemy. Peace is wonderful, but you can just see what's happened to American in times of peace -- we drift away from reality until some rent-a-mob of certifiable morons on Wall Street go out to stop capitalism, which has paid for every single diaper they've ever soiled. These people are not just ignorant. They are perverse. But then, kids of the very wealthy have been that way since the Roman Empire.

To Obama's cult-inside-a-cult, Israel is a problem, not a solution. This puts Obama at odds with the existence of Israel, which returned persecuted Jews in Europe and the Arab world (about a million refugees) to their ancestral homeland. You can't sink the refugee ship and pretend to love the drowning people. But that's the iron logic of the Obama left.

It was always in the cards that Obama would demand the abolition of Israel. If you don't remember that historic moment, it was because he lied about it, the way he does. When Obama "demanded" that Israel retreat to its 1967 borders, leftist low-brows around the world thought it sounded very reasonable. Everybody else realized that (a) there were no 1967 borders -- that's another Obama lie; rather, those were the 1949 ceasefire lines of the War on Independence, which the Israelis barely survived by stopping five invading Arab armies; (b) the resulting border between Israel and its deadly enemies looks like a gerrymandered Chicago ward, and is indefensible. Obama knows that. Anybody who bothers to read up on it knows it. But the vast, ignorant products of PC education, including half of American Jews, have never even thought about it.

Now, liberals always bring disaster. It's one of those fundamental truths of life. They think they have good intentions, and they think that's all they need. No farmer, hunter, ditch-digger, gardener, or politician in history has ever survived that way. Liberals survive because capitalist farmers, engineers, and even media protect them from reality and dis-illusionment. It's only in their private lives that they confront reality and become amazingly conservative. It's a miracle.

What does all that have to do with Israel and Disaster? It's simple. Israel is believed to have 200 nuclear weapons -- doomsday weapons that are never meant to be used except as a last resort.

Barack Obama has now created the conditions where in the next year, Israel (and the rest of the Middle East) may be forced to confront the doomsday option. The Saudis are the most directly threatened by maniacal Iran, because they live next door. They have openly said that they are importing nuclear weapons from Pakistan in the face of the Iranian threat. It was Barack Hussein Obama who helped push over Mubarak, Gaddafi, and maybe Syria's Assad, who is still fighting a vicious civil war. That's how you "organize communities" in Alinsky Cult.

In his celebrated Nobel Prize-winning quest to bring eternal love and peace to the Middle East, Obama is therefore driving every major government there to go nuclear. Read that again, please: Obama is forcing the Middle East to go nuclear precisely by his "peace" policies. Already 25,000 Arabs are reported to have died in the so-called "Arab Spring." The media are covering it up, as usual, but those are the actual facts on the ground.

If Iran is as suicidally determined to bring Shi'te Armageddon on earth, as soon as it gets enough nukes and missiles, as it seems like it's been saying at least once a day ever sing Jimmy brought Khomeini to power in 1979, there will be the first nuclear war in human history. When Golda Meir was prime minister during the 1974 Yom Kippur War, Israel seriously considered using nuclear weapons to stop the Egyptian tank divisions driving through the Sinai Desert from reaching Israel's civilian heartland. She would have done it, too.

By building up radical Muslims (who are winning the "Arab Spring" civil war), Obama is empowering the worst enemies of Israel and the West. Those radicals hate our guts, as they say every single day on MEMRI (the translation site for Muslim hate propaganda). But Israel and the West are not defenseless. When their backs are against the wall, they will certainly use weapons of mass destruction in self-defense.

Obama says he's all about bringing peace to the Middle East. In fact, like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and all the other liberals, he is creating greater dangers than any Republican ever would.

They start from false premises, they end up with false beliefs, and when they're in power, they inevitably bring disaster. It's not a surprise. It just follows step-by-step from their delusional beliefs.

Obama Peace-Bringer inevitably turns into Obama War-Monger.

James Lewis


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