Monday, February 13, 2012

Accusation of Blasphemy in Saudi Arabia Means Death Sentence

by Ali Alyami

PLEASE HELP? Updates on Hamza Kashgari's case and what you can do.

Forwarded email: "We have news from Hamza's lawyer that the Malaysian government is hesitant to deport Hamza because of the international pressure. Earlier today, his lawyer has informed us that he is being prepared for extradition to Saudi and a plane is ready and waiting for him. Please help us secure his safety by calling and sending requests of intervention to all of the people on your networks. His lawyer's information is listed, best regards."

This is the time to act against the Saudi and the rest of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's war on freedom of expression and thought as stated in their UN Resolution 1618.

We will keep you posted regarding plans to demonstrate in front of embassies and the White House to expose OIC's war on freedom of expression worldwide.


Hamza's Lawyer Contact info.

Muhammad Afiq Bin Mohamad Noor
Cell/ Home +6010 3666 434
Office no. +603-2095 2299
Fax no +603 2093 7670


Malaysia Embassy in DC

Please contact Syyed Anwar, Director of Public Relations with home I have spoken about Hamza's
Phone: +1-202-5729700
Fax: +1-202-5729882

New Zealand High Commission Kuala Lumpur

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

Ali H. Alyami is Executive Director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia.

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