Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Cult of The Daily Kos and the Kool Aid of Political Correctness

by Eric Allen Bell

[Editor's note: The article below is written by Eric Allen Bell, a filmmaker who was recently banned from blogging at the “Daily Kos” because he wrote three articles that ran afoul of the mindset there, specifically naming “Loonwatch.com” as a “terrorist spin control network.” He has told his story in his Frontpage article, which went viral around the world, The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam. Don't miss Eric Bell on Frontpage's television program, The Glazov Gang.]

It was like something out of a zombie movie. The protagonist finds himself surrounded by lifeless, mindless monsters in a catatonic trance state, unstoppable, charging at him from every angle. And no matter how many times he fires at them with his super powerful automatic machine gun, they just keep coming at him, over the hills, through the windows, bursting through the floorboards – waves and waves of lifeless zombies for as far as the eye can see.

Such was the case last October when, after having written numerous blogs for The Daily Kos, a liberal blog with an estimated readership of over 1 million visitors per day, they came for me – the dreaded “Kossacks” those registered Daily Kos readers who log on to offer “constructive criticism” of the blogs.

To learn more about my eventual exile from the liberal blogosphere and how I turned to the dark side, please read The High Cost of Telling the Truth About Islam”. They say a Conservative is a Liberal who got mugged. But what do you call a Liberal who was tarred and feathered, then publicly stoned (I’m pretty sure a privately stoned Liberal is now simply called a “Ron Paul supporter”), sent before a firing squad of Taqiyya trained Islamofacists who fire rounds of deceptive chapter and verse – quoted from the psychotic ramblings of some ancient desert psychopath, then pounded by the meat grinder of his own conscience and finally sent to a Halal butcher to be slaughtered by Islamophobia watchdog sites such as Loonwach.com and CAIR? Well, whatever that is, that’s me. So glad we have this time together.

But I digress. The piece I posted on the Daily Kos that fateful October morning was a bit of social commentary I had authored and entitled “Manifesto for a World Gone Off its Meds”. I thought it was a pretty snappy title myself, complete with a short video I had produced illustrating that the way we were living in America was a life out of balance, consumed by consumerism, addicted to entertainment, politically divided, distracted and confused and brainwashed by the media. I remember thinking to myself, “You’ve really hit it out of the ballpark this time, Bell”. But sadly, not a single comment that day or in the days that followed had anything at all to do with my actual piece. I don’t know if anyone even read the article or watched the video. Instead I was about to face a sudden stampede of Liberal Lemmings, a sort of social tsunami – I was about to experience firsthand the tyranny of mob rule.

I was met with a chorus of outrage over my word choice in naming the piece. That’s right, the title. The Kossacks were deeply offended at the use of the phrase “off its meds” given that this might offend someone else who actually is on their meds or perhaps had gone off their meds. Most of the time I don’t respond to comments on articles I write, but this time I made the fatal mistake of trying to defend myself. This turned out to be a really bad idea, kind of like trying to put out a fire using the nearest can of gasoline.

The countless Kossacks comments multiplied from dozens, to a hundred to north of a hundred of what might be termed, had it become a cause on Kos, “PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of those on Antidepressants”. There was a furious chorus of consensus that my article should be banned as it was clearly “hate speech” directed at those unfortunate people who have to take psychiatric meds and/or have gone off their meds. The Kossack comrads stood in solidarity, incensed at my level of insensitivity as they kept demanding that a moderator come in and take the article down.

And then fortunately there was at last a voice of sanity! Unfortunately this came in from an insane person. A registered Kossack left a comment saying that he personally was in fact mentally ill and quote, “I’m on 6 different psych meds and I’m not offended at all”. But this voice of reason did not vindicate me in any way. The angry mob was not interested in what he had to say. It was irrelevant. Instead the lunatics continued to take over the asylum – demanding that the verboten material be banned from das veb (Did I just offend a bunch of Germans?). The title had to change. It just had to. It must! And besides, what does the person who is actually on meds really know about this subject matter anyway? After all, he’s crazy.

Eric Allen Bell

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