Monday, February 13, 2012

MK Ahmed Tibi's Speech at Palestinian Authority Conference - Treason?

by Palestinian Media Watch

[SZ: Imagine what might happen in the U.S. if a congressman spoke publicly from within an enemy's domain, praising those who have carried out suicide attacks in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. Imagine a senator expressing gratification for the murderous acts of 9/11 and admiration for those who executed them. Then think of the public uproar and immediate legal steps that might be taken to at least remove that person from his post. Now contrast that with Israel's tepid response to the outrageous speech of Ahmed Tibi (below).

We need to change this sick and distorted concept of "freedom of speech" that allows what might be defined as treason, while sometimes condemning sincere, patriotic criticism.]

Palestinian Media Watch


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Anonymous said...

Any intelligent person hearing this who didn't know who Tibi was would probably never guess that he was an Israeli MK. He doesn't sound or act like someone who is a member of Israeli government. It is way past time for Israeli's to throw him out. Dont MK take an oath before they begin office. What did he promise to uphold, surely not support of the state that elected him.

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