Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting the next Director of the CIA!!!

by Caroline Glick

Gee, Obama's visit here is sure to be fun. Can't wait to see him here in Al Quds.

I know, I know, you probably all are wondering whether he's a Muslim. For my part, I still can't get my arms around the idea that a bum who hitch hiked around Indonesia with long hair and an earring is going to be the CIA Director.

Okay, enough joking around. I know, his personal grooming choices are his business. He has since taken a shower and gotten a haircut.

But I think the question of whether or not he is actually a Muslim or just an Islamophile is just as unimportant as his hippy days learning to love Islam. And by the same token, I think that it is unimportant if Obama is or isn't a Muslim. I don't care whom they pray to. 

The question is whether their world view, and their policies would be any different if they were Muslims. And I think the answer to that is no. And since it is their policies, not their beliefs that matter to the world, they should be judged for that. 

Aside from his hippy past, and his horrible, obsequious Arabic, the thing that made me most uncomfortable about Brennan's whole paean to Islam is the fact that he said "Palestine" twice and never said Israel, and when he finally felt compelled to say Jerusalem, after saying "Al Quds" twice he sounded like he was either going to spit or apologize for mentioning the word Jerusalem in the presence of his audience. So does it matter if this man is a Muslim or not? Not in the least. He's just as dangerous either way. 

I wonder if Obama will bring him along for the visit. Can't wait to welcome him to JERUSALEM, YERUSHALAYIM, the capital of the JEWISH people for the past 3,000 years. Oh, and his advisers should probably mention to John Brennan that the name of our country is Israel. There is no such country as Palestine. And there has never been a country named Palestine. Perhaps one of the senators could mention that to him during his confirmation hearing.

Caroline Glick

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