Monday, February 11, 2013

Land for Peace Won't Stop Iran

by Dr. Gabi Avital

The next mistake Western countries, led by the United States, will make, is just around the corner. It will not just be President Barack Obama's mistake, though, as it will involve the entire Middle East and even further east, including Iran. Being wrong is permitted, of course, but every Western mistake with respect to Arabs brings about another round of wars. Middle Eastern history is filled with examples. The Oslo Accords and their aftermath were one of the most grave mistakes made here as a result of Western attempts to achieve peace with the Arabs. 

The current attempt is the effort to create a conspiracy with the Iranian issue and the Palestinian issue. This is a Western concept, planted among the elite in Israel, that also brought about the concept of appeasing Arabs with land in exchange for peace. Translating this to civilian terms, this patronizing attitude says that the Arabs are inferior and they love their land, in contrast to us, the enlightened ones, who love peace. So let's make an exchange; if we do so, there will be peace. It is because of this sense of superiority that the Arab side has such a hunger for both the land and the continuation of fighting. 

For nearly 45 years, Israel has dug itself into a booby-trapped pit. We have been trained to think that if we exit the occupied territories, the remedy will appear and cure the ills of the country. If you just sit and talk, the terror will disappear for good and a vision of a dove with an olive branch will shine over the Jews from the Green Line. In a defiant manner, however, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Obama and the rest of the world: "So much effort is invested in attempts to prevent us from creating nuclear weapons, but you failed." Is it really "occupied Palestinian" land that will prevent Iran from going nuclear?

Anyone seeking "Western logic," let him enjoy it. But anyone who wants to really understand the foundations of Western failure should just remember the riots in Paris seven years ago. In 1983, the European establishment convened a conference in Hamburg. The purpose was to recognize and appreciate the importance of Islam's significant contribution in creating European culture. There it was decided to encourage learning the Arabic language, as well as about Islamic culture, while also liberating Judeo-Christian society from the yoke that shaped Christian Europe until today.

Fewer than 25 years have passed and visions of war appear on screens worldwide; this one portends to be global and claims to hold all four corners of the world at once. Burnt vehicles across the baffled European continent are merely an indication of a much deeper process. If a more accessible form of aggression could be found, it would probably have been used. 

European guilt stems, in part, from basic factors that advanced European thinkers tend to ignore. These intellectuals, scientists and philosophers of Europe established one basic fact: Israel is politically and morally wrong. Israel is a moral burden on European shoulders; the cost of the Holocaust could be converted by erasing culture, identity and territory. 

George Bernard Shaw, the British scholar, said this 75 years ago: "If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam." The chance of real peace between Israel and the Palestinians at this point seems to have gone up in flames. If a Palestinian state is established, it would be under the umbrella of a nuclear Iran. Obama and his left-wing supporters should pay attention to this.

Dr. Gabi Avital


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