Monday, November 4, 2013

Obama and a Jewish Legend

by Eileen F. Toplansky

When Noah was told to bring two of everything into the ark before the great Flood, each animal brought a mate in order to begin a new family when the Earth would be dry again.  Thus, truth came in with peace, and love came in with good deeds. 

Evil sought a partner and finally found her so that eventually the lie was married to wickedness.  In fact, wickedness made a bargain that he would be the lie's partner as long as he would forever get everything she gained by lying.  And so it happened that evil and dishonesty remained in the world so that everything gained by lying has helped wickedness grow healthy and strong.  And their partnership has continued to this day (Francine Prose, Stories From Our Living Past).

How apt a story in the day and age of Obama, liar-in-chief, and his minions, who shamelessly lie in front of the television cameras.

Falsehood is not the opposite of truth -- it is actually its absence.  The Torah prohibits lying by saying, "Go far away from falsehood."  It is much stronger than merely stating "do not lie."  Evil can never be satiated or appeased.  The language of obfuscation and collusion make it very easy for the evildoers to attack the unsuspecting.  But if enough decent people see through the litany of lies being foisted upon them by this president and his administration, we can protect ourselves.  If we "do not go far away from falsehood," we only sow the seeds of our own destruction.

In the book entitled The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene, the author points out a number of laws that power-seeking individuals have used over the centuries.  Thus, concealing his intentions, Obama has deliberately kept people "off-balance."  By "enveloping" far too many Americans in enough smoke and mirrors, Obama hopes that the people will not realize his "true objectives."  Thus the "truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant."

Thus, ObamaCare has never been and will never be about affordable and comprehensive health care.  In fact, it aims to erode the American economy, weaken the American people, destroy a fine health care system, and ultimately, register people to be Democrats.  It is a bald and bold attempt to reshape the power structure in this country.  And how do we now know this?  Because Obama has been found out.  The lie has been exposed.  Avik Roy of Heritage has discovered that in 2010, Obama knew that "93 million Americans [would] be unable to keep their health plans under Obamacare.  Yet, Obama breathlessly and dramatically reiterated that "if you like your health care plan, you could keep it." 

Every day Americans are being pummeled with distressing news about their job situations, their health care choices, and even whether they should divorce to avoid the ObamaCare marriage tax.  Instead of the truth, the public has been exposed to a plethora of empty speeches and pseudo-apologies.  Thus, "selective honesty and generosity is [meant] to disarm the victim."  How appropriate, as one considers the "nine lies of Lois Lerner" cited in May 2013.

But so much more has occurred since then.  In September 2013, Americans learned that it wasn't some low-level IRS workers who concocted the IRS snooping scheme on Tea Party groups.  With her supercilious pose, nose high up in the air, learned no doubt from Obama, Lerner's own "e-mails released by the House committee investigating IRS-gate reveal that Lois Lerner and the other Obama Administration figures were flat out lying when they claimed conservative groups weren't specifically targeted by the IRS."

Charles Krauthammer has stated that the recent revelations about ObamaCare "lay bare three pillars of Obamacare: (a) mendacity, (b) paternalism, and (c) subterfuge."

And thus, Obama continues to "keep others in suspended terror."  Will Americans be able to seek top-flight medical care?  Will they be able to pay for their care?  How can they possibly afford these increases in premiums and deductibles?  Obama's oscillating actions have, up to now, made for abstract ideas.  But now that the details are finally coming out, will Americans rebel at the voting booth?  Will they call for Obama's impeachment?  Will they demand that Lois Lerner and company be punished for their misdeeds?  Will they bombard Congress and tell them to do their jobs or be prepared to be voted out?

The wickedness grows.  Thus, Obama is lavish with the taxpayers' money as he keeps "it circulating [for waivers] as this alleged generosity is a sign and a magnet for power" and a hedge against critics.

And when genuine concerns about Barack Obama's seeming affiliation with jihadists are aired by a few courageous congressional representatives, they are dismissed.  When evidence is presented that the Muslim Brotherhood sees Barack Hussein Obama as a friend, it, too, comes under the rubric of being racist.

Then how is it that El Watan, "one of Egypt's most widely circulated and read newspapers, has published a report discussing the Muslim Brotherhood's influence over the United States[,]" all strengthened by Obama's pro-Brotherhood policies?  This is an astonishing admission.  And yet, many have been warning about this president's affiliation and apparent allegiance to groups who call for the outright destruction of America.

How many times does a person need to read about Obama's tendencies before they are believed?  How many atrocities did the world need to view before they understood the evil of Nazi Germany?  How many times did decent folk have to wonder about the absurd agricultural policies of Mao Zedong that resulted in death for millions of Chinese people?  How many lies have to occur before we call this president a pathological liar?

But, of course, a destructive president must "keep his hands clean" and appear to be the "paragon of civility and efficiency" by maintaining a "spotless appearance" as he uses others as scapegoats."  But when things get tough, he will not be afraid to use thuggery and intimidation.

Thus, it is that this president of the United States never knows about the scandals in his administration until the very last minute.  Capitalists, auto companies, lower-level IRS workers, union workers, former presidents, Tea Party members, and now insurance companies are all eventually scolded and demeaned.  Only Obama is pure.

And as commander in chief of these United States, Obama is one frightening figure.  Besides his obvious disdain for the military, purging of the military should have everyone's antenna on high alert.  Obama despises this country and will brook no interference with his power.

Noah was quite unhappy that the lie was able to pair with evil and be allowed onto the ark.  But he could do nothing except to hope that the other pairs would not allow the darkness to befall them again -- perhaps not in an actual flood, but in the despair that comes when people know that they are being drowned in deceit and corruption. 

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