Wednesday, November 6, 2013

UNRWA to Cut Food Aid to Palestinians Because Muslim Countries Won’t Pay Bill

by Daniel Greenfield


You hear a lot about how the so-called Palestinian Arabs are the core conflict issue in the Middle East because all the Muslims care so much about them.

When Saudi Arabia threw a hissy fit just now and turned down  UN Security Council seat, it blamed the real reason, the failure to intervene in Syria, and of course the “Palestinian” conflict.

So how much do they all really care? This much.
Al Hayat reports that UNRWA is planning to cut the free food it provides to Gazans by about one third over the next six months, reducing the number of welfare recipients from 180,000 families (900,000 people) to 120,000 families.
The move is necessary, according to the report, because of UNRWA’s budget crisis and the refusal of Arab countries to pay their pledges.
The report claims that UNRWA has already created lists of families that will not be getting food. The criteria include families that own cars,TVs, refrigerators and microwave ovens.
Considering how much money is lavished on the so-called refugees to begin with, they probably shouldn’t be getting anything at all. They’re the richest refugees in the world and the fact that the UNRWA is making a list of “refugees” with cars and televisions shows that they know it.

We’re talking about “refugees” who have lived in a country for generations, who were born there, but who can’t get full legal status because those countries find them a useful strategic political weapon against Israel.

Daniel Greenfield


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