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Truth gets its shoes on while the lie has gone around the world several times - Rick moran

by Rick moran

Without comment, St. Louis county prosecutor Bob McCulloch released another batch of documents examined by the grand jury that refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown.

Included in the release were the results of a federal autopsy on Brown conducted at the request of Attorney General Eric Holder.  To no one's surprise, the results mirrored those of two other autopsies on Brown – one by the St. Louis county coroner and another by nationally known forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden.

What they show is that Brown went for Officer Wilson's gun and that all the shots that hit Brown were from the front.

Curiously, the transcript of an FBI interview with the closest eyewitness, Brown's friend Dorian Johnson, is not included in the document release.  McCulloch indicated that the transcript of that interview had been withheld by the Justice Department.

What makes it curious that the interview has been withheld by Eric Holder is that Johnson originally claimed that Brown was running away from Wilson when Brown was shot.  That has been the basis of many protests – that Michael Brown was gunned down while running away from a racist cop.

Associated Press:
The Justice Department autopsy found that Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds and had severe head and chest injuries, though it noted the chest injury might have been an exit wound from a shot that entered Brown's arm. The autopsy also found a minor gunshot wound to Brown's right hand was evidence of close range discharge of a firearm.
Wilson told the local grand jury that investigated the shooting that his gun went off during a tussle with Brown through the open window of his police car moments before Brown was fatally shot. The Justice Department is conducting a separate civil rights investigation into Brown's death.
The Associated Press has reviewed all of the grand jury documents that have been released and none appear to include a transcript or a recording of a two-hour FBI and county police interview with Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown when he was shot.
However, the first batch of documents did include seven video clips of Johnson's media interviews, as well as a transcript of his testimony to the grand jury.
Johnson was walking with Brown when they encountered Wilson in a Ferguson street. Wilson fatally shot Brown, who was unarmed, after a struggle.
Johnson painted Wilson as provoking the violence, while Wilson said Brown was the aggressor. He also said Wilson fired at least one shot at his friend while Brown was running away.
The transcript released in November notes that jurors listened to a recording of an Aug. 13 interview of Johnson by the federal and county investigators.
Ed Magee, a spokesman for McCulloch, acknowledged earlier Monday that his office didn't release copies of FBI interviews with some witnesses at the request of the Justice Department. An FBI spokeswoman in St. Louis declined comment.
Did Johnson tell the press one thing, and the FBI another?  Might there be statements that Johnson made to the FBI that exonerate Wilson?  If what Johnson said were true, matching the forensic evidence to his statement would mean that after being shot at while running away, Brown turned and approached Wilson, who fired his gun and struck Brown several times in the front. 

That's a very different picture from "Hands up!  Don't shoot!"

But it hardly matters at this point.  The lies, as the saying goes, have gone around the word several times while the truth is finally putting on its shoes.  The narrative is set in stone, and nothing anyone says or does will change it.

Rick moran


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