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After Garner Death, UN Fomenting Racial Strife in America - Alex Newman

by Alex Newman

The irony and hypocrisy of the UN calling for “accountability” in America is mind boggling. When victims of the dictator-dominated organization’s misnamed “peacekeeping” forces seek accountability for rape, murder, and more, for example, the UN purports to be “immune,” even recently arguing in a U.S. court that the global outfit’s “peace” troops could not be held responsible for spreading death in Haiti.

Attacking the United States and fomenting misguided hatred seems to have become the top priority of the “dictators club,” more formally known as the United Nations. Just days ago, a multi-pronged UN assault on U.S. gun rights, local police, national sovereignty, federalism, and more, was unleashed in the wake of the chaos in Ferguson. Now, as Americans across the political spectrum express outrage and sadness about the tragic death of Eric Garner by a police officer who was not indicted by a grand-jury, UN boss Ban Ki-moon, sensing another opportunity to meddle in U.S. affairs, is again barking commands at the American people as if he were some sort of benevolent global overlord. Hordes of UN “human rights” experts also joined in.

Citing the decision of a grand-jury in New York not to indict the police officer involved in the arrest-related death of Garner, the primary focus of Ban’s latest comments was to make more demands on U.S. authorities. The UN boss urged the United States, for instance, to do “anything possible to respond to demands of greater accountability,” he was quoted as saying in a UN press release. It was not immediately clear what those “public demands” were. Nor was it immediately clear how Ban and the United Nations determined what the American public was “demanding,” or why a local incident in the United States concerns a dictator-dominated outfit set up under the guise of preserving “international peace.”    

“We are obviously aware of what is going on here in our backyard,” said the UN boss’s spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric, during a daily press briefing at UN headquarters, with “our backyard” presumably referring to New York City, where the widely ridiculed “dictators club” is formally based. According to the secretary-general’s spokesman, Ban’s thoughts “are with the families of Mr. Garner” and with “the people of New York.” Much of the UN press release was focused on stale race-mongering and statements from various overpaid international bureaucrats attacking the United States as an alleged bastion of horrors, injustice, and human-rights abuses along the lines of most of the UN's member states.    

“I think the [Garner] case is again focusing on the attention of accountability of law enforcement officials,” continued Ban’s spokesman, adding that the UN chief welcomes the announcement by disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department about opening a civil-rights investigation on Garner’s death. “I think I would just add that we’ve seen a lot of demonstrations here in New York. [Mr. Ban] would urge the [protesters] to demonstrate peacefully, and for the authorities for the respect of those demonstrators [sic] to do so peacefully.” The UN made similar statements in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision as well.

The irony and hypocrisy of the UN calling for “accountability” in America is mind boggling. When victims of the dictator-dominated organization’s misnamed “peacekeeping” forces seek accountability for rape, murder, and more, for example, the UN purports to be “immune,” even recently arguing in a U.S. court that the global outfit’s “peace” troops could not be held responsible for spreading death in Haiti. The UN is also openly obsessed with reducing the population of Africans. Even more ironic, perhaps, is that Garner’s death during an arrest for selling illegal tobacco has been widely linked by high-profile politicians and analysts to New York’s draconian cigarette tax and its hyper-zealous enforcement. In a recent meeting at which the public and the press were physically removed, the UN “World Health Organization” again endorsed even more massive tobacco taxes to fund bloated governments.

Aside from the UN chief, the global organization also trotted out a parade of bombastically titled international bureaucrats to take turns attacking the United States while making anti-constitutional demands on domestic authorities. “I am concerned by the grand juries' decisions and the apparent conflicting evidence that exists relating to both incidents,” complained Soros-linked UN “Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues,” Rita Izsak, in a statement, adding that there should be a full trial to ensure that “evidence is considered” in detail. “The decisions leave many with legitimate concerns relating to a pattern of impunity when the victims of excessive use of force come from African-American or other minority communities.”

Another professional race-hate agitator, “human rights expert” Mireille Fanon-Mendes-France, chief of the “UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent,” claimed that the recent U.S. cases add to “existing concerns” about America. Among other “concerns,” Fanon-Mendes-France pointed to what she described as “longstanding prevalence of racial discrimination faced by African-Americans, particularly in relation to access to justice and discriminatory police practices.” It was not immediately clear what qualified the UN bureaucrat to comment on the American justice system, or how the complaints by UN bureaucrats advanced “international peace and security.” According to the U.S. Constitution, policing is a government function that belong at the state and local level — not in Washington, D.C., and certainly not at the UN, where brutal dictatorships help call the shots.    

Despite the UN’s efforts to distort the truth and unfairly demonize American police officers as out-of-control racist killers determined to murder blacks with impunity, the facts tell a somewhat different story, according to critics. Estimates suggest that around 100 blacks are killed each year by police, compared to 300 whites. Black police officers are reportedly also slightly more likely to kill blacks than white officers. So, while there are doubtless plenty of so-called “bad apples” within American police departments, the UN’s characterization of local cops in the United States as a monolithic gang of murderous anti-black racists is, for the most part, a fantasy or a lie. By contrast, about 8,000 American blacks are murdered every year by other blacks, and more than 35,000 black babies die every year at the hands of abortionists.      

Meanwhile, unlike the UN, even Garner’s daughter rejected the race-mongering narrative surrounding the tragic death of her father. “This is not a black and white issue,” she told CNN, adding that it was a “national crisis” and affects all Americans. The young woman even stood her ground on the non-racialist view after being badgered by race-mongering CNN journalist Don Lemon to make her father’s death about racism. “I mean for white people to come out and show how deeply they was hurt, and like Asians and, you know, different people from different nations and different parts of the world to come out and show that they felt the same way I felt on that video, I greatly appreciate it. It’s like a sense of I’m not the only one that feels this way.”

More important still is that the dictator-dominated UN, which includes numerous member regimes that slaughter Africans on a daily basis — not to mention its brutal “peace” armies raping, butchering, and pillaging blacks across Africa — has no business, authority, or mandate to interfere in U.S. policies or justice. As The New American has documented extensively, there are clearly major government-related problems at all levels to be addressed in the United States, virtually all of them attributable to the lack of fidelity by the political class to the U.S. Constitution and Judeo-Christian morality. However, those discussions and reforms are the responsibility of the American people — regardless of arbitrary characteristics such as “race” — and not of a U.S.-funded coalition composed largely of brutal dictatorships and mass-murdering regimes.

Rather than continue tolerating UN abuse, anti-constitutional demands, and outlandishly hypocritical meddling in U.S. affairs, the newly empowered GOP Congress should promptly cut all U.S. taxpayer funding to the UN, its myriad tentacles, and its legions of brutal member regimes. Using the Constitution, Judeo-Christian traditions, self-government, and the principles in the Declaration of Independence as a guide, the American people and their elected representatives at the local, state, and federal level are more than capable of fixing the very real problems themselves. The dictators club, on the other hand, has nothing useful to offer.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at
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