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Who’s Really Responsible for Violent Crime in St. Louis? - Colin Flaherty

by Colin Flaherty

The level of black violent crime is astronomically out of proportion. So is the denial. Not just in St. Louis, but also in Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland: This is a very long list of cities big and small across the country.

Violent crime in St. Louis is a black thing. And like the t-shirt says, we wouldn’t understand it. 

But we can observe it.

And this much we know: The level of black violent crime is astronomically out of proportion. So is the denial. Not just in St. Louis, but also in Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland: This is a very long list of cities big and small across the country.

Pick a crime: Black violent crime is 6, 10, 30, 50, 100 times greater than white crime. And if you want to throw Asians into the mix, multiply that by 10 times.

This is hardly a surprise to readers of or White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.

But as we saw in Ferguson, talking heads insist the opposite is true: That black people are the victims of racial violence, not the perpetrators.

“Open season on black people,” anyone?

The recent murder of the immigrant from Bosnia by a group of hammer-wielding black people is just the latest example.

When the mayor and police chief of St. Louis rushed to tell us the killing of Zemir Begic was “not racially motivated,” they meant the killers were not carrying signs that said “Down with Whitey.”  Nor did they issue a press release. Or start quoting Louis Farrakhan during interrogation.

Absent that, public officials insist, there is no evidence of this thing they call “racial motivation.” (Even that is not true, more on that in a minute.)

And besides, they say, crime is color blind, blah, blah, blah.

This is how mayors, police chiefs and editors around the country alternately deny, then explain, the elevated levels of black mob violence and black criminality: They ignore the evidence. Then say the evidence does not exist.

And there is no stronger piece of evidence than the pattern. Recent immigrants are especially vulnerable to this pattern of black violence, though some may not realize it.

If all they knew about racial violence in America came from local or European media, then they would know that black people are constant victims of relentless white racism and violence.

But even a stream of stories and videos showing black mob violence (though not acknowledging it) does not prevent the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC from constantly repeating this false claim.

In Rochester, New York, earlier this year, the local media broke a five-year embargo to report that recent Asian refugees were victims of more than 1000 cases of black mob violence and black on Asian crime.

The black former police chief said that was no big deal: All new immigrants experience violence. A black community activist agreed, saying the “naivete” of the newcomers explained how they could become victims of so much black crime.

In San Francisco, The Chronicle called a wave of black-on-Asian violence that town’s “dirty little secret.”

In New Jersey and New York, police say illegal aliens are the victims of hundreds of such attacks on day laborers, who do not report the violence because they fear deportation.

In St. Louis, local media refuses to connect the dots and report on dozens and dozens of examples of black mob violence and black crime directed at immigrants from Bosnia.

A few minutes before the group of black people surrounded the car of Zemir Begic, another immigrant from Bosnia was sent to the hospital after suffering a similar hammer attack.

St. Louis police may be mystified, but Bosnians say black crime is a regular feature of life in their neighborhoods. Reporters and mayors want us to believe it is random.

“In the last few weeks, there were several crimes against Bosnians,” said Sadik Kukic, a Bosnian business leader, to WND. “All the crimes were by the black community.”

Curiously missing from most of the local coverage was a video account of the aftermath, showing the dead man being wheeled away on a gurney and loaded into an ambulance.

Prior to the attack, said the person making the video, large groups of black people had been rampaging up and down that street, saying, “F* the white people, kill the white people.”

In St. Louis, black mob violence happens regularly in the downtown, it happens near the arch and near the Delmar Loop entertainment district. It even happened the other night in a cop bar when three black people tried to rob it. Six people were shot and one is dead.

You might want to ask a mathematician about that. Or any high school student of statistics.

One last thing about St. Louis: Racial violence has been happening there a long time. You don’t have to understand it. But denying it can be downright fatal.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the top selling civil rights book in America, White Girl Bleed a Lot. For a FREE video and preview chapter from his next book, click here.


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