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Egyptian Islamic Researcher, TV Host Criticizes Arabs - MEMRI


Everyone From Al-Azhar Scholars To Salafis And Jihadis Yearn For Return Of Caliphate – But Those Were Dark Bloody Times 'From Day One To The Ottoman Caliphate, May Allah Curse It'

The following clip is from MEMRI's Counter-Radicalization Initiative.
In an address on the Egyptian Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV, Egyptian Islamic researcher and TV host Islam Behery said, with regard to the Salafi desire to restore the Caliphate: 'Who are you kidding? The days of the Caliphate were all dark times.' The statements aired on November 24, 2014.
Following are excerpts:

Islam Behery: "Can the Islam of today be compared to that of the days of the Prophet Muhammad? Absolutely not. The Islam of the time of the Prophet Muhammad was completely different. It was an Islam unburdened by the weight and filth of the books of tradition. I at talking about real filth.
"Forget everything written in the books about society in the days of the Prophet. The massacre of the Banu Qurayza tribe, supposedly the number one massacre in history... If you read about it, you would think that 10,000 people were killed, every boy who had reached puberty was slaughtered, and the women were enslaved, and so on... Is this mentioned even once in the Quran?
"Today, they are all happy that the Caliphate is about to return, as if the days of the Caliphate were good. Who are you kidding? The days of the Caliphate were all dark times, from day one to the Ottoman Caliphate, may Allah curse it. This dark bloody history of ours was referred to by the poet Sharif Razi as 'our blood-red past.' The Caliphate collapsed, Allah be praised. Can you even imagine… Forget about the crazy people of ISIS, the notion of restoring the Caliphate appears in the literature of all of them. Ask anyone – an Al-Azhar scholar, a Salafi, a jihadi, a devil – and they will say: 'May the Caliphate be restored one day.' May this day never come!"
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