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Muslims are the Victims - M Catharine Evans

by M Catharine Evans

On January 10 the bodies of the dead were hardly cold when Harris-Perry and Sarsour blamed French laws banning the hijab, imperialism, and Christians for the brutal executions of innocents by Muslim terrorists.

The left-wing media is having a tough time spinning the terrorist attack in Paris. MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry takes the prize for trying to reroute the narrative away from Islam toward inequality and racism.

On her Saturday morning show, Harris-Perry had help from none other than the Muslim equivalent of Al Sharpton, executive director for the Arab American Association of New York, Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour. Sarsour is a pro-Hamas Islamic supremacist.

In 2004 Sarsour admitted in a Columbia University publication that her brother-in-law was serving a 12-year sentence after being accused of Hamas-related activities. Sarsour also stated she herself had been questioned by authorities in the U.S. and that her Palestinian husband, who had been in here for seven years, faced deportation hearings. In the same article, Sarsour said she was not thrilled with John Kerry for president but would gladly vote George Bush out of office. Why? “Bush has long been backing Israel with cash and weapons against my own people.”

On January 10 the bodies of the dead were hardly cold when Harris-Perry and Sarsour blamed French laws banning the hijab, imperialism, and Christians for the brutal executions of innocents by Muslim terrorists. It doesn’t get much worse than Perry’s and Sarsour’s mix of Islamic fundamentalism with radical progressivism
MHP: France has 4.7 million Muslims... some ancestors immigrated from former French colonies in North Africa.
Linda, we just heard about rising sense of anti-Semitism, there is this clear pain and loss in the community right now... but I also want to put this in a context about a set of policies in communities, often Muslims... not particularly religious and in secular communities
...we know that in 2005 there were riots after two young men were killed in the exurbs; we know that France banned street prayers of Muslims in 2011; and we know that there have been a variety of different kinds of bans going back to the 80's on Muslim women wearing coverings of various kinds, including school girls wearing head scarves. Help us to understand...
Linda Sarsour:  France gets an F in multiculturalism and anti-Semitism is real in Europe and Islamaphobia is real... at the same time they're both real. And what's really important to understand is that we're having this discussion about freedom of expression and 'I am Charlie Hedbo, we're talking about freedom of expression, but we're not allowed to express our faith, for particular people, including Muslim populations.
Girls can't wear hijabs like I'm wearing, in the public school system, they can't have halal foods in the school system, you can't wear head scarves and work for the government. There are a lot of restrictions. This past summer in the war in Gaza, the banning of protests, I mean, you're a European country and you're banning the people's right of freedom of assembly and the freedom of protest... An article just came out that under the watch of the French troops in Central African Republic, the Muslims were massacred by Christian militias while French troops were there overseeing this violence
...We can't just look at these as isolated incidents. France, I'm disturbed by this freedom of expression, of course you have the right, everybody has the right to free speech, and write, draw whatever cartoon you want, but let's have a larger conversation about who else has a right to do things and in places like France the Muslims definitely don't.
For more background on Sarsour, it just so happens she used to be a tough-talking, foul mouthed, Brooklyn-accented rabble rouser until she dropped the radical street talk and adopted a more moderate persona.

The transformation worked. Not only has she booked more mainstream media gigs since 2008, in 2011 she received a Champion of Change Award at a White House ceremony. Since then she has been a frequent visitor. Like Sharpton, Sarsour is not above manufacturing crises and falsely spreads the lie that Muslims are demonized and discriminated against here in America because of their dress, religion and a few extremists(like her brother-in-law?)
Sarsour and Harris-Perry keep peddling the lie that the violence in Paris, Boston, and everywhere else has nothing to do with that peace-loving religion, Islam. It’s not Muslim jihadists responsible for the killings, in their view, it’s Western infidels who refuse to convert and submit.

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M Catharine Evans

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