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Everything has been Turned on its Head - Phyllis Chesler

by Phyllis Chesler

The response to my piece about What The West Must Do In Order to Survive has been very informative.

Last night, I lectured at a synagogue in Westchester. Afterwards, a man came up “to shake my hand.” He had asked me this exact question about Western survival and I had answered him partly based on the Arutz Sheva article I recently wrote on the question. Then he told me:

“Our son was supposed to be at the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Luckily, something prevented him from going but we spent the weeks afterwards calling up many of his Boston-area friends to see how they were. What will it take for Americans to wake up and to take Jihad seriously? If 9/11 and Ft Hood and the Boston Marathon Bombing did not do it, I am afraid to think of what will.”

A young college student said: “If I say any of the things you have just said, my friends would call me crazy.”

Said I: “So what? If you opt for popularity and conformity you will never develop the strength to stand up to evil or to tell the truth. Remember: Evil always prevails when the good people are afraid to stop it, lest they not only become pariahs--they may also lose their livelihoods and their lives.”

I thought she was going to faint.

When I was asked something about President Obama I cut right to the chase. However, in passing, I said that “of course he is considered a Muslim by the Ummah. He is the son of a Muslim father and by definition this is all that counts". Taking it a step further, Obama might also be seen as an apostate because he embraced Christianity or at least attended a black nationalist Christian church in Chicago.

Again, some people heard me say something else, namely, that I thought Obama is a secret Muslim and that this accounts for his pro-Islamic world policies and statements and his extraordinary “sensitivity” to Muslim feelings. Another college student said that if she said this to her friends they would say she was “crazy.”

Said I. “That’s nothing. Wait until they call you a Zionist and start harassing you in your dorm.”

What will it take for Europeans to wake up?

A colleague who lives in Germany read the piece and sent me the following email:

“Your suggestions about Europe have little chance of  happening. Many don't (blame) or call it Islam, including Hollande himself. Many blame the Israeli conflict with Palestine as a major cause. Europe and it's churches, intellectuals, etc., are more concerned about " islamophobia". Yesterday, 100, 000 marched against islamophobia in Germany, but did not bother with the rally in central Berlin in September against anti-Semitism, despite the fact that the rally was addressed by Merkel and president Gauck. They could only raise 4000, mostly Jews, from all over Germany."

The political will and honesty are simply not there! Germans now see themselves as victims of Hitler, Muslims also now see themselves as victims. Palestinians are victims...everything has been turned on its head.

But you can see "Jews to the gas" marchers in European streets, and not even a blink of the  eye. I don't think Europe can heal itself. It won't even define the problem correctly! In the meantime life goes in, with female slaves and 10 year old girls in Nigeria used as suicide bombers.

Islam??!!! Don't be racist!!!!

Yesterday, Chancellor Merkel proclaimed that “Islam is part of Germany.” She said so at a Muslim rally which called for an even “more open and tolerant” Germany; the rally wanted to counter the anti-Islam protests that have recently taken place.  

In France, many Muslim students would not comply with a moment of silence to honor the victims of the Charlie Hebdomassacre. (I must note that there was no moment of silence called for the Jewish victims in the kosher supermarket). Instead, some students yelled out “Allahu Akbar.” Others merely disrupted the silence. More important, at one school, 80% of the students refused to keep quiet, saying that the Charlie Hebdo journalists deserved what they got. Students across France threatened teachers and confirmed their own desire to join ISIS; some said that they did not “understand” the need for honoring those who had dishonored the prophet Mohammed.

Another friend, forwarded a disturbing letter from two French friends, one Jewish, one Catholic.

“We've both been pretty preoccupied with the heinous events of last week, especially the anti-Semitic aspect of all this. Do you know that the terrorist brothers let the female journalists at Charlie Hebdo go, but there was one Jewish woman among them, so they killed her.

"We’re feeling like we need to be careful as to what we say and how we say it, because we will be labelled as racists. But we both have come to feel very anti-Islam. When you have so many terrorist acts, emanating from so many Muslim countries, then these people are no longer the exception. Of course I recognize that not all Muslims are anti-Semitic terrorists. But way too many are. After the acts last week there were hundreds if not thousands of Muslim youth who expressed support for what happened.

"We have a friend who is a public school teacher of 12 year olds in Toulouse. The day after the first attack she discussed it with her class and her Muslim students defended the actions, saying the journalists deserved it because of their disrespect to Mohamed. Can you believe that? Articles written by other teachers say similarly things.

"We were watching a French news panel last evening and there were two Muslim representatives. Even now, you should have heard what was coming out of their mouths. They wonder why Jews are getting special treatment now, such as having police guard Jewish schools. Why don't Muslims get the same benefits they questioned. And on it goes!

"I'm  not very optimistic about the future, certainly not here in Europe where the issue is so pressing. The Sunday march and the show of solidarity has been great, but there are such fundamental problems that require real, honest questions being asked and actions taken, that I think any meaningful change will not happen.”

A friend of mine in France wrote this:

“One of our closest friends, Philippe HONORE (a cartoonist) died in the first minutes. We are not only upset but (are) even more ready to FIGHT!”

Yesterday, French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, gave a passionate speech to the National Assembly in which he denounced the rise of anti-Semitism in France. Suddenly, he finds it unacceptable that the age-old chant “Death to the Jews” should be heard on the streets of France. He was careful to note that France is at war with “jihadism and terrorism…not against Islam and Muslims.” Fifty three French people have been arrested for “anti-Semitism,  hate speech, and glorifying terrorism.”  

Will they keep them behind bars, deport them? How about the radical mosques and radical Islamist teachers who are teaching their Muslim students Islamism? What will France really do?

We do not know how many Europeans are really ready “to fight” or whether they can even prevail. No civilization can be destroyed entirely by external forces. The Western elites, intelligentsia, media, Western multi-cultural relativism, false narratives about Faux-istinians, and a general misuse of language, have all operated like a fifth column for at least fifty or sixty years.

Everyone believes that the America and Europe are evil colonial and imperial powers—both racist and sexist. Israel is condemned as even more so. No one seems to understand the slightest thing about Muslim history in terms of its anti-black racism, conversion via the sword, hatred and persecution of the kuffar (infidel), its gender and religious apartheid, and its’ very long record of colonialism,  imperialism, and genocide.

Anyone who points this out as a fact, is immediately labelled an “Islamophobe,” a racist, a conservative—a bloody Zionist! Anyone who notes the surreal nature of Islamic barbarism operating today, is also viewed suspiciously, and nervously.

What will it take to turn this around before it is too late? I welcome reader comments.

Phyllis Chesler


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