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France Betrays Israel —- Again - Ari Lieberman

by Ari Lieberman

Those who expected France to vote “no,” as did United States and Australia or at the very least abstain, as did five other nations, were deluding themselves. When it comes to duplicity and perfidious conduct, France assumes the mantle.

Perform a Google search for the term “surrender monkey” and the unsurprising results place France as the country most closely associated with that pejorative term. In fact, it is the only country associated with that term and for good reason. France is a nation of capitulation. Whether in war or politics, the French have a demonstrated history of surrender and have mastered the art of back-stabbing. Their recent “yes” vote concerning statehood recognition for “Palestine” at the Security Council is consistent with their ignominious tradition of capitulation and perfidy.

On December 30, France, along with other democracy stalwarts like Russia, Chad and Jordan sided with a blatantly biased Palestinian resolution that imposed dictates on Israel, compelling the Jewish State to withdraw to the indefensible June 4, 1967 borders by no later than 2017. What’s more, the one-sided resolution failed to take into account Israeli security concerns and territorial claims and implied the right of return for millions of hostile Arab “refugees” and their descendants into Israel proper.

Thankfully, despite France’s duplicity, the resolution failed to garner the requisite nine votes required for a full UNSC vote on the matter, sparing the United States from exercising its veto rights as a permanent member. Those who expected France to vote “no,” as did United States and Australia or at the very least abstain, as did five other nations, were deluding themselves. When it comes to duplicity and perfidious conduct, France assumes the mantle.

France also has the dubious distinction of arguably being among the most anti-Semitic countries of Europe. In yet another sign of a diseased and faltering nation, France’s Jewish citizens have been emigrating in droves with many heading toward Israel to escape the hate they’re experiencing in the nation of their birth. Jewish citizens of France are routinely subjected to threats, beatings, vandalism, shootings and even rape and France’s virulently anti-Israel media plays no small part in stoking the flames of hate.

Admittedly, much of France’s contemporary anti-Semitism has to do with the growing influence of Muslims in France but France’s xenophobia and mistreatment of its Jewish citizenry began well before the Muslim influx. In 1894 French military officials arrested Alfred Dreyfus, a captain in the French artillery corps on trumped up charges of passing military secrets to the Germans. Dreyfus was Jewish and for the French, that was enough to lock him in irons. Despite overwhelming exculpatory evidence pointing to other Frenchmen, Dreyfus was dishonorably discharged from the French army and banished to Devil’s Island where he was forced to endure 5 years of hard labor. He was pardoned in 1899 but it would take another 7 years of legal wrangling before he was fully cleared of all wrongdoing.

During World War II, the French army with its 117 divisions was overrun by Germans in just six weeks, a few weeks longer than it took for the Germans to suppress Jewish Warsaw Ghetto resistance fighters armed with pistols and Molotov cocktails. Following their surrender, The French Vichy government assumed control of portions of France not occupied by the Germans and zealously carried out German requests for roundup of France’s Jewish citizens. It took the French 50 years to acknowledge their shameful role in their methodical efforts to eradicate French Jewry.

In 1967, when Israel faced an existential threat from her Arab neighbors, French President Charles de Gaulle, a known anti-Semite, turned his back on the Jewish State, denying it political backing and imposing an arms embargo to curry favor with the Muslim world. He also reneged on a signed contract to deliver to Israel 50 Mirage V jet fighters (which had already been paid for) and to add insult to injury, delivered them instead to Libya’s Qaddafi.

France has a disgraceful history of consistently siding with the world’s most notorious bad guys and propping them up with arms and political backing. It was instrumental in constructing an atom bomb facility (later destroyed by Israel) for Iraq’s infamous leader, Saddam Hussein.  It provided safe haven to Ayatollah Khomeini before the fall of the Shah and embraced arch terrorist Yasser Arafat as well as Syria’s former President and serial killer Hafez al-Assad, who was credited with leveling the city of Hama, killing 20,000 of its residents. It is ironic that French leaders, from de Gaulle to François Hollande are capable of coddling the most detestable two-bit dictators but suddenly grow a moral conscience when it comes to Israel, the Mideast’s only democracy.

Senior French diplomats have been caught on hot microphones hurling invective at Israel and its leaders with one calling it a “shitty little country” and another referring to its prime minister as a “liar.” Other French officials have openly engaged in egregious distortions of Jewish history and historical revisionism by issuing speeches to Palestinian audiences negating the ancient bonds the Jewish people have maintained with the land of Israel throughout the ages.

We’ve now come full circle with Tuesday’s UNSC vote where France once again demonstrated its penchant for engaging in treachery and doing the morally indefensible. While the French might think of Israel as “shitty” and consider its leaders liars, it is in fact France, through its duplicitous political machinations and consistently morally repugnant positions and actions, that render it very worthy of the humiliating title, “surrender monkey.”

Ari Lieberman


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