Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Illegal? What about her judgement? - Silvio Canto, Jr.

by Silvio Canto, Jr.

How can someone like Hillary aspire to be president of the United States?

We've been getting a lot of opinions and columns about Hillary Clinton's troubles. The latest opinion comes from Deroy Murdock at National Review:
When the secretary of state swaps e-mails with the president of the United States and the chiefs of the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA, they presumably discuss priorities more sensitive than Downton Abbey
Clinton first worked on Capitol Hill in 1970. She is a Yale lawyer. So she damn well knows that a “born classified” document is secret “when originated.” 
Markings or no markings, she understands that the confidential views of foreign leaders, reports from ambassadors, and updates on arms-control talks are all state secrets.
Mr. Murdock is probably right. She is in deep trouble, but let me leave that to the lawyers and experts who know a lot more than me about classified documents.

My point about Hillary Clinton is that she has failed a huge test, whether she broke the law or didn't. Mrs. Clinton showed very little judgement, from the moment that she decided to have a private server to having any association with the Clinton Foundation.      

We don't know what she or her husband were thinking in January 2009 when she became secretary of state.   

Maybe she did not understand the risk of having a private server and its potential threat to revealing information that could threaten national security. At the same time, the State Department rules are clear -- one ambassador was dismissed for communications outside of the official email.    

Maybe she thought that she'd get away with it or dance around what the meaning of the word "is " is like her husband did in the late 1990s.

Again, I don't know what led her to do this. I do know that it showed incredibly poor judgement. After all, her zeal for controlling communications may have put an American under serious threat. It may have compromised a covert operation. It may have revealed President Obama's schedule or confidential conversations with others.

How can someone like that aspire to be president of the United States? Legal or illegal, this is a high-risk woman who cannot be trusted with the nation's highest office.

She is not qualified, even if she selects a Hispanic VP who is desperately taking Spanish lessons.

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Silvio Canto, Jr.

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