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The Cologne Cathedral Under Attack - Stephen Brown

by Stephen Brown

It wasn’t only infidel women defiled last New Year’s Eve, but Germany’s Christian religion and civilization as well.

It is the symbol of a city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the most recognised and greatest symbol of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture. But that didn’t save Germany’s world-renowned Cologne Cathedral from a prolonged, humiliating and deafening assault from fireworks during last New Year’s Eve mass to mark the year’s end.

Barbara Schock-Werner, who served as cathedral architect between 1999 and 2012, was present at the well-attended religious service along with several thousand other worshippers. Shock-Werner told the German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine, that the cathedral experienced an unprecedented and massive rocket and ‘banger’ fireworks barrage that lasted the whole service.
“Again and again the north window of the cathedral was lit up red, because rocket after rocket flew against it,” she said. “And because of the ‘bangers’, it was very loud. The visitors to the service sitting on the north side had difficulties hearing. I feared at times that panic would break out.”
Cardinal Rainer Woelki, who presided at the New Year’s mass, also complained about the “massive disruptions.”
“During my sermon loud ‘bangers’ could be heard,” Woelki said in the paper, Die Welt. “I was already annoyed beforehand about the loud noises that were penetrating into the cathedral.”
Shock-Werner believes the religious service was deliberately “targeted for disruption” due to the attack’s timing. The mass took place between 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m., which, she said, “is actually no time to be already shooting off New Year’s rockets in such great volume.”   
“I was very astonished that at 6:30 p.m. there was already in general a massive shooting off of rockets and ‘bangers’ that had, until now, never been experienced on New Year’s Eve,” said Shock-Werner.
Like the women sexually assaulted later that evening just outside its doors, the police also failed to protect the cathedral itself. This was surprising, since the Cologne police had competently carried out this task the previous 12 New Year’s Eves after another hostile fireworks incident during the mass.
At that service more than a decade ago, loud fireworks were fired simultaneously against the cathedral’s north and south doors during the transformation when everything was quiet and peaceful inside. This caused cathedral authorities to request police protection at subsequent New Year’s Eve masses.
 “In past years, the religious service was successfully protected,” said Shock-Werner. “Since this didn’t succeed (this year), something therefore must have already gone fundamentally wrong by this time on this terrible New Year’s Eve.”
Shock-Werner also believes that if the police had acted with force at this first alarm signal from the cathedral, the grievous acts of sexual violence against women by recently arrived Arab ‘refugees’ and other accomplices outside could have been avoided. The awfulness and number of these sexually-motivated assaults, now standing at several hundred, were also to overshadow the attack on the cathedral, causing this “prelude” to the evening’s shocking events to remain virtually unreported in the German media.   
Ten days after the New Year’s sexual assaults and cathedral attack, Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas stated these crimes were planned.
“No one can tell me that that was not mutually agreed upon or prepared in advance,” he said. 
German journalist Andreas Rossman supports Maas’s assumption, although police have produced no evidence that proves this. Nevertheless, Cologne’s citizens are still left wondering why their city was singled out for the numbing display of sexual violence that evening.
Rossman believes the answer lies with the Cologne Cathedral itself. Acts of sexual violence against women occurred in other German cities on New Year’s, but to a lesser extent. None of these other locations, however, and nowhere else in Germany for that matter, possesses a “more imposing, picture powerful background as this Gothic cathedral.” And the “wire pullers,” Rossman believes, were well aware of this when selecting Cologne for last New Year’s mayhem. They did not have to know “which religious, historical, cultural and political significance is due to it (the cathedral) in order to grasp its importance and the impression it produces…”   
“The Cathedral was being used as background scenery, which reflects still other messages: that it concerns a strike against the culture of the European city as a meeting place and individual freedom, and that the attack was directed against the (Catholic) Church …,” Rossman states. 
Besides acts of sexual and religious terrorism meant to break down German society, the attacks against the women and the cathedral were also a show of Islamic power. Women and religious minorities can be terrorised by Muslim mobs just like in Islamic countries. Their reach is growing.
But perhaps the most important message the New Year’s Eve events were meant to convey was directed at Muslims living in Germany and the Islamic world. And the message is that Germany cannot protect either its women or its religion. It is weak.
In fact, German Christians are so feeble that one of their greatest cathedrals suffered a humiliating attack during a religious service, presided over by one of Germany’s highest churchmen, without consequences. And by publicly molesting such large numbers of infidel women so boldly and brazenly without retaliation, German men are shown as equally weak.
But, just as important, the women's molestation without retaliation showed that German men were also without ‘honour’. And honour is an esteemed concept among Muslim men, who kill female family members for the slightest sexual impropriety, real or imagined, to restore their ‘honour’.
As a result of this feebleness and lack of honour, Germany deserves and is ready for conquest. It is easy pickings.
Last New Year’s Eve, Ivan Jucevic, a champion kick boxer, worked as a doorman at a five-star hotel right on the square opposite the cathedral. Jucevic said witnessed men shooting rockets at the grand, medieval structure, among other "alarming" events. He didn’t know whether they were refugees, but he said they could speak only English and Arabic.   
The almost 7 ft. tall Jucevic knows this because he had to beat some of them up for trying to get at women they had been sexually harassing, but who were now standing behind him for protection. On one occasion, a group of Arabs told Jucevic, in English, to step aside because “…these are our girls.” But their English knowledge didn’t help them in the subsequent confrontation with Jucevic.
Jucevic relates he had to resort to self-defence measures several times over the entire evening to defend “terrified women.” They would approach him, sometimes in tears, asking for his protection and to just be allowed to stand beside him because of the packs of hyenas who were following and sexually harassing and molesting them. Jurcevic recalled:
“Young girls, trembling right in front of me, begging “please, please, can we just stand next to you. We fear these people there. They are chasing us all the time.”
After their defeats at Jucevic’s hands, the Arabs would threaten to come back and kill him, drawing a finger in a slitting motion across their throats. But none ever returned for a second round with the man later dubbed the “Hero of Cologne.”
Once skeptical of videos showing refugee misbehaviour, thinking they were rightist propaganda, Jucevic is now a true believer after New Year’s. Ominously, he warns that evening was only “a dress rehearsal.”
“I can tell you one thing,” Jucevic said. “I never witnessed anything like this before and it will escalate – by Carnival (Mardi Gras) at the latest. In Cologne, it will really explode.”
But being the fighter and upright man that he is, Jucevic says he definitely intends to be there, providing security and protection. In doing so, he is setting the example, consciously or unconsciously, that Germans urgently need to follow: either fight back or watch your country slowly descend into barbarism with all its attendant horrors. New Year’s was just a sampling.

Stephen Brown


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