Monday, February 15, 2016

Israel has the right to defend itself against NGOs - Giulio Meotti

by Giulio Meotti

Many of the NGOs acting in Israel are foreign Trojan horses.

Israel’s government is pursuing the approval of the law on transparency for NGOs working in Israel. There is no scandal or attack on democracy, as the Western newspapers, full of anti-Israel resentment, have repeated in the last few weeks. It is, more simply, to ask for transparency if an NGO receives contributions from foreign countries. Israel aims to expose the groups which are ostensibly only dedicated to the cause of civil rights but which receive funds from abroad to wage a war of de-legitimization on the Jewish State.

Take groups such as Breaking the Silence, which took 42 thousand euro from Holland after Operation Cast Lead to provide 90 testimonies by former Israeli soldiers on “war crimes” in Gaza. When I visited Hevron last year, I did see apartheid, but not that claimed by Breaking the Silence: I saw Jews barred from walking in certain areas just because they were Jews. That is apartheid.

Former Soviet dissident Nathan Sharansky, who with his battle to be released from prison was the cause taken up by large NGOs such as Human Rights Watch, said that many of these organizations are now “a tool in the hands of dictatorial regimes to fight democracies”. Why should Israel not ask for transparency if the Norwegian embassy in Tel Aviv, the European Union, a Dutch association or the Saudi sheiks are paying an NGO to say that Israel’s “apartheid state” is committing “crimes against humanity”?

Want to talk about the behaviour of these NGOs? Last May, the Jewish National Fund, the nonprofit organization born before the State of Israel existed, the pioneering NGO that reclaimed barren land and planted 280 million trees, was banned in Finland from participating to the Maailma Kylässä, the World Village, the festival organized by the multicultural organization Kepa, which includes three hundred different NGOs and is funded by the European Union and the Red Cross. But at the World Village of 2014, the Palestine Forum distributed - and was allowed to distribute by these NGOs - maps of the Middle East from which Israel was absent.

There is no other country in the world which is the target of manipulation by foreign governments through such a massive intervention in its domestic affairs. It’s Israel’s Trojan horse. And the Jews have the right to fight it.

Giulio Meotti


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