Monday, February 15, 2016

Australia’s Labor Party going anti-Israel in quest for Muslim votes - Thomas Lifson

by Thomas Lifson

Leading Aussie syndicated columnist: "Labor, desperate for Muslim votes in Western Sydney, is openly pandering to bigots and anti Semites

Like Western Europe, Canada, and the United States, Australia has been on the receiving end of a growing stream of Muslim immigrants, to the great advantage of the domestic political leftist parties.  The Australian Labor Party, which is currently the opposition to the centrist Liberal/National coalition that has formed the government, has long favored Muslim immigration.

Now that Muslims located in Sydney’s western suburbs form a significant voting bloc, the ALP is going hard against Israel.  Andrew Bolt, syndicated columnist based at the Melbourne Herald-Sun is denouncing this in no uncertain terms:
Labor, desperate for Muslim votes in Western Sydney, is openly pandering to bigots and anti Semites:
NSW Labor delegates to this weekend’s state conference have proposed ... 18 policy agenda items relating to Indigenous affairs and 24 about the environment. But there are a staggering 28 motions regarding Israel, most of them critical, out of the entire 45 foreign policy items up for discussion.
Shame on them. Shame. (snip)
If Labor passes such motions, any Jew who backs the party is a collaborator to Jew-hatred.
He documents the foreign policy obsession of the party:
Number of times Israel is mentioned: 104
Number of times China is mentioned: 6
Number of times Russia is mentioned: 1
Number of times terrorism is mentioned: 1
Number of times jihad is mentioned: 1 (naming Labor candidate Jihad Dib.)
Number of times economy is mentioned: 45
Number of times jobs is mentioned: 63
And number of times climate change is mentioned: 34 (which at least suggests even Labor is getting bored)
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Thomas Lifson


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