Thursday, January 26, 2017

Soros And MasterCard Join Forces To Profit From Immigration - Matthew Vadum

by Matthew Vadum

The radical billionaire helped create the immigration crisis; now he wants to reap the rewards.

Radical currency speculator George Soros is scheming to profit from the illegal immigration crises in the United States and the European Union that he was instrumental in creating.

Soros traffics in revolution and human misery. His devious business deals have brought the financial systems of the United Kingdom and Malaysia to their knees. Soros helped finance the 1989 "Velvet Revolution" in then-Czechoslovakia. He acknowledged having orchestrated coups in Croatia, Georgia, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia.

Soros hates America. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States,” he has said. Soros praises Communist China effusively and has said the totalitarian nation—which cuts babies in unauthorized pregnancies from the wombs of their mothers, tortures and kills religious dissenters, and runs over eminent domain resisters with steam-rollers—has “a better-functioning government than the United States.” In the U.S. he has financed the violent, politically destabilizing Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements.

Now the preeminent funder of border-busting campaigns in the U.S. and overseas has entered into a partnership with credit card giant MasterCard Inc. to create something called Humanity Ventures.

In recent years Soros has focused on making grants through his Open Society Foundations to various nonprofits, but this new project has for-profit goals.

“Humanity Ventures is intended to be profitable so as to stimulate involvement from other businesspeople,” Soros and MasterCard said in a joint press release.

The claimed objective is to make the lives of “migrants” better through spending on education, health care, and economic development.

“Migrants are often forced into lives of despair in their host communities because they cannot gain access to financial, healthcare and government services,” they said, ignoring the veritable minefield of taxpayer-funded assistance available to illegal aliens in the U.S.

“Our potential investment in this social enterprise, coupled with MasterCard’s ability to create products that serve vulnerable communities, can show how private capital can play a constructive role in solving social problems.”

Any profit Soros and his billionaire buddies in the left-wing donors’ consortium, the Democracy Alliance, extract from the operations of Humanity Ventures can be used to fund more projects aimed at destroying Western culture, rule of law, individual rights and limited government. Perhaps the money can be used to finance the future presidential runs of Keith Ellison and Chelsea Clinton.

This new venture comes as countries like Soros’s native Hungary and Macedonia are threatening to kick his operations out.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said last month that the year 2017 would be "about the extrusion of George Soros and the forces symbolized by him." Every country "will want to displace Soros," he said. "This can already be seen in Europe. They investigate where the money comes from, what kind of intelligence connections there are, which NGOs represent what interests."

Szilard Nemeth, vice-chairman of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz Party, said Soros’s Open Society Foundations and all groups it funds should be banished from the country. “These organizations must be pushed back with all available tools, and I think they must be swept out, and now I believe the international conditions are right for this with the election of [Donald Trump],” Nemeth said.

Soros admitted in 2015 that his efforts in Europe are aimed at destroying national borders on that continent. He has orchestrated the ongoing invasion of Europe by aliens, especially Syrian war refugees who are largely Muslim men with likely connections to Islamic terrorism.

“Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle,” Soros said.

Through his philanthropies Soros has given more than $100 million to U.S.-based groups that support “immigrant rights,” immigration amnesty, and open borders since 1997. The goal is to flood America with reliably Democratic future voters who will support Soros’s extreme left-wing policy agenda.

Soros funds a vast array of open-borders pressure groups. Among them are the American Immigration Council, Casa de Maryland, Center for American Progress, Center for Constitutional Rights, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Institute for Policy Studies, Migration Policy Institute, LatinoJustice, Immigration Policy Center, Media Matters for America, National Immigration Forum, and National Immigration Law Center.

Soros and his allies schemed to kill an important immigration enforcement program that President Trump has called “highly successful." Trump has vowed to restore the Secure Communities program which alerted federal immigration authorities when people were booked into local jails. Jailers sent fingerprints from new arrivals to federal law enforcement, which matched them to files on illegal aliens who could then be flagged for deportation. So of course the Left had to end the program.

Soros’s profits from Humanity Ventures may well be used to import even more millions of illegal aliens into the U.S.

When it comes to depravity and social collapse, the sky’s the limit with George Soros.

Matthew Vadum, senior vice president at the investigative think tank Capital Research Center, is an award-winning investigative reporter and author of the book, "Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers."


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Anonymous said...

Jan. 26, 2017

Here in Canada some strange untransparent shifts seem to be unfolding within the confines of Canada`s "Official" Jewish communal institutions,leadership {self appointed and more or less recognized}and the media & clergy. It would be very instructive if our readers in their own locations on other continents,could probe their own communities for similar developments:So that we can "compare notes",develop strategies and seek remedies on a coordinated basis. Here goes.

{1}Despite all the "revelations" about the egregious doings of George so-called "Soros",{As in John so-called "Kerry"}his tentacles SEEM to be reaching out even further & intensifying their activities & lobbying demands on their paid dhimmis. Here in Canada the pages of Canada's "official" Jewish media seem more and more dominated by the 'party-line' so typical of all those Tonys, Ricks, Richards, Rabbi Ricks, Jeremys, Toms, Peters, Jeffreys, Rogers, J. Streets & identify THEIR more visible outcroppings. JEWISH ISSUES WATCHDOG has been reporting on THEM since an initial article on October 22, 2009.It's still on-line.

{2}An unabashed presence of such rank and file "advocates" is especially visible among Toronto's {less than 200,000 Jews & over 650,000 Muslims} liberals &"progressive" clergy.

{3}Their scribes' frenzy against perceived enemies is getting more & more nutty & truth twisting . e.g. A particularly asinine article by a well known Reform clergyman-columnist in this week's Canadian Jewish News. He isn't the only one on the same payroll.
All that righteous indignation and journalistic regurgitation of "Soros'[Including others in their clan} career since 1944,is futile
and self defeating. We're not engaged in a debating society in some faculty lounge of junk academe or one of those uncountable centers,think-tanks, forums, institutes, foundations and "projects".
We're in a global war bequeathed to us by the judgement of fools
and our own delusions,from previous generations.
The "enemy within" have known addresses; They have chains of command. They have local bag-men & "receiver-generals". They have known links to others who share THEIR goals. e.g. The Carter Center, Arab & Muslim lobby groups, promoters of "dialogue", street activists such as "Black Lives Matter" & on & on, ad nauseam. And they have disgruntled employees and divisions among their many staff. THEY are NOT invincible or impregnable. They are a corrupt target that can be hit hard where it really hurts.

GOOGLE: Norman L. Roth

Anonymous said...

October 09, 2017

You've got to hand it to the Soros organization. The Alpha Shmaltzovnik always wanted to be recognized as a major thinker in Economics. Well now he's gone and done it ! Through his dhimmi proxies in junk academe and on the American political left. It's not even particularly subtle. In fact it may well be an open boast of unassailable "influence" in high places.
The official winner of the Bank of Sweden's Memorial prize in Economics {One million plus in U.S.dollars} is a certain Prof. Richard T. of the University of Chicago. The media usually refers to it as the "Nobel Prize in Economics". But Alfred Nobel's descendants have vociferously disassociated themselves from it.
But Professor Richard T. has made it known that a close associate of his in "developing" the "progressive"-quasi-coercive ideology behind it was none other than an Ivy League Law professor named Cass Sonstein: Who just happens to be the spouse of one, Samantha Power, ex-President Obama's very own ambassador to the united nations. Her track record,before & after is hardly a secret. Mr. Cass S. is also active in something called the "Southern Poverty Law Center". With the possible exception of the execrable "J-Street",it well be the SOROS organization's flagship. MIDDLE EAST & TERRORISM did an article about Mr. Samantha in 2016,I recall. It wasn't very respectful. As all of us recall, an authentic NOBEL prize Committee awarded the Peace-Prize to Barak Hussein Obama before he was sworn in as President.What are those once vigorous,life affirming descendants of the Vikings doing to themselves?
We've all heard the rather humorously crass expression:
"Money talks, Bull-S--t walks". But,the Soros bunch may well have reversed the vector. "When big-bad money talks, it's the truth that walks".

Norman L. Roth

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