Friday, July 7, 2017

The Democrats' Denial Dialectic - Lloyd Billingsley

by Lloyd Billingsley

The power of “no” trumps the people’s right to know about voter fraud.

“There’s absolutely no proof, no evidence of massive voter fraud in California or anywhere across the country,” California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, Los Angeles Democrat, proclaimed back in February. More recently, Padilla announced in a statement that he will block the federal effort to find evidence of voter fraud.

“I will not provide sensitive voter information to a commission that has already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of Californians voted illegally. California’s participation would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud made by the President, the Vice President, and Mr. Kobach. The President's Commission is a waste of taxpayer money and a distraction from the real threats to the integrity of our elections today: aging voting systems and documented Russian interference in our elections.”

Padilla’s statement did not provide any of the “documented” Russian interference, but the author did go off on Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, vice chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Padilla charged that Kobach, “has a long history of sponsoring discriminatory, anti-immigrant policies including voter suppression and racial profiling laws. His role as vice chair is proof that the ultimate goal of the commission is to enact policies that will result in the disenfranchisement of American citizens.”

In similar style, the Sacramento Bee editorialized that “there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud.” Trump’s claim of millions of illegal votes is “baseless” and his concern for “election integrity” could be “taken more seriously if he would finally acknowledge the extent of Russian interference in the 2016 election and showed at least a little interest in making sure it doesn’t happen again.” And the stridently pro-Democrat publication opposed any effort to search for evidence of voter fraud.

California’s Secretary of State received nearly 1,000 election related complaints last year but the office now headed by Padilla finds not a single case of voting by someone in the country illegally. As it happens, there is evidence that illegals have voted in key elections.

In 1996 in Orange County, 721 illegals were registered to vote and 442 of them voted for Loretta Sanchez, the Democrat who narrowly defeated Republican Robert Dornan. He was the target of Bert Corona, a violent old-line Stalinist who opposed to Dornan’s strong anti-Communist stance. Corona was also the founder of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, which registered the illegals who voted for Sanchez. In practical terms, Hermandad was a state-funded operation.

Corona shook down the California Department of Education for some $7 million in grants. CDE investigators Robert Cervantes and James Lindberg discovered that this money was not being used for citizenship classes and English language instruction. State education superintendent Delaine Eastin, a Bay Area Democrat, ignored the massive fraud and instead demoted the whistleblowers. Eastin is now running for governor of California but is not on record whether Hermandad is still getting state funds.

In March, when ICE director Thomas Homan came to California, Hermandad Mexicana organized the protest against him, featuring banners reading “no ban, no wall” and displaying a Muslim woman in a hijab alongside a Mexican farmworker with a red scarf over her face. The establishment media provided no background on Hermandad Mexicana, founder Bert Corona, and the massive rip-off of millions public funds on the watch of Delaine Eastin. Likewise, establishment media showed no curiosity whether Hermandad was still registering illegals to vote, as they did in 1996.

Democrats supported federal investigations into Russian election interference in 2016. With input from all intelligence agencies, those investigations have turned up no credible evidence that Russians colluded with Donald Trump to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. With voter fraud, on the other hand, the Democrats want to block investigators from even looking for the evidence in public records. 

In predictable style, they refuse to hand over voter information, maintain the Russia-Trump conspiracy theory, and attack Kris Koback as a racial profiler out to suppress the votes of American citizens. So voters nationwide, like the president, have good cause to wonder what California is trying to hide. And this is hardly the first time state democrats have tried to keep the people in the dark.

In 2012, four ballot measures on tax and spending measures were the subject of televised hearings in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee. Senate boss Darrell Steinberg pulled the plug on the live broadcast, denying voters statewide the opportunity to gain insights from the testimony, even as he proclaimed, “I pride myself on being open and transparent.”

For California’s Democrats the power of “no” overrides the people’s right to know. That’s the dialectic now on display from Alex Padilla and his media allies.

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation, and Bill of Writes: Dispatches from the Political Correctness Battlefield.


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