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Whoopi Goldberg Hearts MS-13 Killers - Daniel John Sobieski

by Daniel John Sobieski

Whoopi pulls back the curtain and lets us see what the left is really like.

Well, at least Whoopi Goldberg didn't hold up a mock severed head representing President Trump, but her verbal equivalent in profanely chastising guest Judge Jeanine Pirro shows how President Trump's greatest accomplishment may be in pulling back the curtain and letting us see what delusional loons have been manipulating public opinion in this country as part of their attempt to fundamentally transform America into something resembling Berkeley, California – a sanctuary country full of defecating homeless people.

Somewhat lost in the virulent exchange was Whoopi's gross distortion of reality, following Saul Alinksy's rule that you don't debate your opponents – you demonize them and make it personal:
'Did you just point at me? I don't have Trump derangement, let me tell you what I have,' Goldberg shot back. 'I am tired of people starting a conversation with, "Mexicans are liars and rapists." ...
Goldberg and Pirro then got into a screaming match, with Pirro declaring: 'You know what's horrible? When people who shouldn't be here end up murdering children of American citizens.'
Pirro was speaking of MS-13 rapists and murderers who sneak in among the great unwashed flooding along our porous southern border, along with minors they want to recruit into their community of butchers. It is hard to see what Goldberg was speaking of, since neither Pirro or Trump ever has started a conversation that way. All they have done is point out that our open borders provide a highway unlikely to be patronized by doctoral candidates or computer engineers.

Has Whoopi Goldberg heard of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas? They are two teenage girls violently separated from their families by MS-13 thugs who should not have been in this country:
According to Robert Capers, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, 13 defendants are being charged with seven murders, including the deaths of 15-year-old Nisa Mickens and 16-year-old Kalya Cuevas, whose bodies were found in September 2016[.] ...
CBS New York reports that on September 13, the day before her 16th birthday, Nisa Mickens' brutally beaten body was found on a tree-lined street. The next day, the beaten body of her lifelong friend, 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas, was discovered in the wooded backyard of a nearby home.
"The murders of these teens are particularly disturbing," said Capers, who described the killings as being perpetrated by "MS-13 gang members swinging bats and machetes." He said that Mickens was so badly beaten around her head and face that she was barely recognizable.
Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas, Kayla's parents, were invited to the 2018 State of the Union address Goldberg probably didn't watch. Mickens's parents, Elizabeth Alvarado and Robert Mickens, also attended. Perhaps Whoopi can invite them and the families of other victims of MS-13 atrocities on her show:

In Maryland, MS-13's animals are accused of stabbing a man more than 100 times and then decapitating him, dismembering him, and ripping his heart out of his body. Police believe MS-13 members in Maryland also savagely beat a 15-year-old human trafficking victim. The MS-13 animals used a bat and took turns beating her nearly 30 times in total.
In Houston, Texas, two MS-13 members were charged after kidnapping and sexually assaulting one girl and murdering another. The two MS-13 animals laughed, smiled, and waved for cameras in court as they faced the charges.
New York communities have suffered tremendously from the abhorrent violence of MS-13. Nearly 40 percent of all murders in Suffolk County, New York between January 2016 and June 2017 were tied to MS-13.
MS-13 is a national infestation of butchers, murderers, and rapists. They are indeed animals, as President Trump so accurately described them over the objections of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who included these spawn of Satan among "God's children" and said that despite their beheadings, murders, and rapes, they still possess human dignity:
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump calling violent MS-13 gang members "animals," at her weekly press briefing Thursday morning. Pelosi says Trump's comments as reported are a new low, and make her wonder if the president believes "we are all God's children" or not.
"When the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, 'these are not people, these are animals,' you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity? In the dignity and worth of every person? 'These are not people, these are animals,' from the president of the United States."
Whoopi Goldberg no doubt shares Pelosi's animus toward Trump's remarks. Judge Pirro, who deserves the respect of her title and legal experience, has seen the human carnage and pain left in the wake of thugs like MS-13. While Pirro was incarcerating rapists of all ethnicities, Whoopi supported the cause of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was found guilty of the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, despite his obvious and proven guilt, quickly became a poster child for the Democrats and the liberal left as a symbol of the racial bias of white America, the criminal justice system, and the death penalty. 

Rallies were held in his honor, including a 2000 "Afternoon for Mumia" in Madison Square Garden, hosted by the International Action Center, a far-left extremist group founded by the one and only Ramsey Clark. Abu-Jamal garnered the support of the usual suspects, a who's who of Hollywood leftists like Ed Asner; Mike Farrell; Paul Newman; Spike Lee; Alec Baldwin; and yes, Whoopi Goldberg.

And let us not forget the day when both Whoopi and Joy(less) Behar walked off The View after Bill O'Reilly pointed out that a majority of Americans opposing a mosque within shouting distance of the World Trade Center's ruins might just have had something to do with the fact that the terrorists who flew planes into these buildings were Muslims who hated America.

Whoopi should invite the families of MS-13 victims and those parents separated from their children by illegal alien killers such as the parents of Jamiel Shaw, Jr. and Kate Steinle. She can tell them how tired she is of people starting off conversations with their stories.

Daniel John Sobieski is a freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor's Business Daily, Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.


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