Thursday, February 27, 2020

It’s idiotic to believe Castro was good for the Cuban people or that socialism would be good for the U.S - Jack Hellner

by Jack Hellner

And it is pathetic that journalists are supporting the proposed Cuba-style Democrat policies.

We’re supposed to believe that it is a wonderful thing in Communist countries where the leaders care so much for their people. They teach them to read. They have free education and health care. Cubans have very strict gun control. Abortion is available on demand in Cuba, and in 2019 they raised the mandatory minimum wage. All things the Democrats running for President support. It looks like an ideal Democrat platform
After 60 years of Castro Brothers control, they have raised the minimum wage to $16 (per month, not per hour). The average wage will shoot up from $24 to $42 per month. Thank goodness Cuba doesn't have the problem with wealth and income inequality that the United States does because that would cause division and strife.
Higher education professors will now receive $56 to $68 per month, very similar to the fake Indian running for President, who wants to move towards socialism, who is worth millions and got paid $400,000 for the tough task of teaching one course. I wonder why the cost of education is so high in the U.S and why student debt is so high when Warren only got $400,000 plus benefits for such a tough schedule.
The Cuban journalists pushing government propaganda will go from an average salary of $15.50 per month to $50 per month, which is very competitive with the millions that our talking heads receive as they push the Democrat talking points. Actually, I am having trouble justifying $50 per month for Maddow, Joe & Mika, Acosta and Tapper. A copier and leaflets would be a much cheaper way to push the Democrat talking points.
We clearly need a millionaire with three houses who has fed off the public trough to lead our country in order to get rid of wealth and income inequality. We have to get to a place where all the wealthy people around DC get more of the money from the greedy people throughout the rest of the country. We need to pay their fair share.
We need leaders like Castro, who cared so much about the common folk. He was very smart and obviously a good investor and saver. Like the common man in Cuba, he only earned an estimated $150 million per year and was worth in excess of $900 million when he died. Thank goodness he cared so much, just like the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, and others who have lined their pockets very successfully as they claimed they cared about the poor and middle class. There never will be enough for greedy politicians. There are no moderate Democrats running. They all want more power and money. It is they who strive for a much more powerful, dictatorial government.
There is only one reasonable choice for president, and it is the person who is trying to give the power and purse back to the people as fast as possible while most journalists, bureaucrats and other Democrats seek to destroy him and anyone surrounding him or supporting him.
There’s a widely used saying in Cuba that state workers pretend to work, and the government pretends to pay them. Few people believe the announcement of minor wage increases on Friday will alter that relationship.
Under the plan announced by President Miguel Diaz Canel, the government will step up controls to keep consumer prices from rising both for products and services in the state and private sectors, noted the Communist Party’s Cubadebate website.
The new minimum monthly wage was set at 400 pesos (US $16.00), said the president. He further noted that an average salary would go up from $24 a month to $42 a month. Pensions below $20 will also get an undisclosed boost, he said.
The president noted that a top-level University Professor would now receive 1,700 pesos (US $68 a month and the lowest level university educator would receive the equivalent of $56 dollars a month.
He added that government journalists, whose basic salary was only $15.50 a month, will now receive in the neighborhood of $50 a month.
Throughout 2019, Cuba has been suffering growing shortages for many basic products due to slumping national production and a lack of money in the government coffers for imports. Diaz Canel and the Council of Ministers hope the wage hike will stimulate the nation’s economy “at a time of increased hostility from the United States against Cuba.”
One estimate suggests he had an annual income of $150 million, allowing Fidel Castro’s net worth to grow over the course of his adult life. Plus, he likely had a range of other assets, like vehicles, boats, and valuables, which are part of the total.
Before his death in November 2016, Fidel Castro’s net worth was estimated at $900 million. However, as certain information about the infamous Cuban leader is hard to come by, it could have been higher.
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