Tuesday, September 9, 2014

James Lewis: The Awful Truth: The World is at War

by James Lewis

American Thinker and other commentary sites have been covering the Jihad War in great detail. But a coherent overview only came together for me after visiting the Long War Journal’s Threat Matrix, sponsored by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy.

The Threat Matrix helps us to see worldwide jihadist violence.

In just the last two weeks we see jihadist warfare in:
  1. Nigeria (Boko Haram)
  2. Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Assad and Hezb’ollah)
  3. Gaza (Hamas)
  4. Sinai Desert (Ansar Jerusalem against Egypt)
  5. Afghanistan (Taliban)
  6. India (Al Qaida)
  7. Pakistan (Waziristan terrorists)
  8. Iraq (Iranian-sponsored terrorist group, “League of the Righteous”)
  9. Libya (Libya Dawn Coalition and others)
  10. Somalia (Al Shabaab)
  11. Syria again (Al Nusrah, AQ affiliate)
  12. Iran (International Shi’ite terror sponsor, using Hezb’ollah and Quds Brigade). 
  13. Qatar and Saudi Arabia (Sunni terror-sponsors, including Hamas)
  14. Turkey appears to be a major sponsor of ISIS,. It is run by an Islamofascist regime.
These groups operate in the Gulf region, in Asian countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, and in North Africa. We could add the Uyghurs in China and the Chechens in Russia.

We could easily add Europe, the United States, Israel and Russia as targets of Islamist terror strikes, including 9/11 in Manhattan, the British Underground bombing, the Madrid train bombing, massive car burnings in Paris, the Beslan and Moscow Theater attacks, in the UK, the massive Pakistani child rape scandal just uncovered in Rotherham.

Europe now has 44 million Muslims, providing fertile ground for terrorist recruitment.

Whether Obama likes it or not, the Jihad War is now worldwide. I have not even touched on South America or countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

This is a worldwide war.

The West has been in utter denial since 1993, the year of the massive Twin Towers truck bomb attack in Manhattan. Even 9/11/01 didn’t wake up our political and media elites.

Twenty years of massive denial of plain facts can only be explained by huge corruption and influence-buying in the West since the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, which gave OPEC price-setting power in the international oil market. We know about massive oil-driven corruption from multiple sources, most prominently the 1994 Wall Street Journal expose of Saddam Hussein’s Oil for Food Scandal. Jacques Chirac, Dominique de Villepin and Kofi Annan were directly implicated in that billion-dollar scandal. Other European politicians were bought off by Muammar Gadaffi, including Tony Blair (after he left the Prime Ministership, as far as we know).

The historian Bat Ye’or has described the beginnings of Muslim oil-money corruption in Europe in her book, Eurabia. Europeans in denial are finally beginning to realize the lethal dangers of Islamist infiltration and sabotage. Britain’s David Cameron and the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders are speaking out in public.

The major causes of the new world war can be found in oil-fueled hate propaganda sponsored by Gulf Arabs and Iran. Western media are engaged in a massive cover-up of massive agitation-propaganda, but the Israeli website MEMRI.org does an excellent job of translating Arabic, Urdu, and Persian political propaganda into English.

Ironically, the Saudis are now running scared of ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Iran and Saudi Arabia may well be consumed by their own hate campaigns against Israel, Europe and the United States. They have lost control of the wars they started thirty years ago. Muammar Gadhafi was overthrown. Even Iran is threatened by the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

We cannot know the future. If Americans are finally coming to their senses, we will finally realize the truth, and mobilize our resources, recruit a coalition of the willing, and turn away from Obama and his league of liberal liars. That is how we finally faced the reality of imperialistic aggression in the world wars and the Cold War.

What we know at this time is that massive aggression against our national security is now worldwide. We know with certainty the ideological origins of worldwide war -- and that it is not, repeat not our fault, contrary to liberal illusionists.

We also know that many Muslim countries are themselves panicking over the dark forces they have helped to unleash against us.

We know that Europe is paralyzed by its suicidal importation of what now totals 44 million Muslims.

We know that Obama has doubled the number of Muslim immigrants we are taking in.

It is time to sound a general alarm and stop self-sabotage before it is too late.

Democracies hate war and love denial. But denial is now ending -- even in the liberal media. 
Average Americans are realizing this is not a passing rainstorm.

It is a massive threat that will be with us until we eliminate it.

Like it or not, it is a worldwide war.

James Lewis

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/09/the_awful_truth_the_world_is_at_war.html

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