Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Israel Sees Battle With ISIL - Middle East Newsline

by Middle East Newsline

The Israeli intelligence community has assessed that the Jewish state would become a target of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in 2016. 

Israeli sources said the intelligence community determined that ISIL would intensify operations outside of Iraq and Syria. They said the Russian air offensive against ISIL in Syria has sparked an exodus that could result in operations against neighboring Israel.

"We have been very fortunate until now, but it looks like ISIL is preparing to find other venues and the most logical one is here," a source said.  The sources cited recent ISIL threats against Israel, which included a mass-casualty strike. ISIL has already released video statements that warned of attacks from Egypt.

The intelligence community has also been tracking ISIL recruitment in Israel. On Dec. 8, an Israeli court indicted five Arabs, ages 19 to 27, on charges of establishing an ISIL cell. "Over the last year, these youngsters obtained firearms and trained with them," the Israel Security Agency said. They also expressed support for ISIL and praised the holy war against infidels."

The sources said ISIL has penetrated Israel's Arab community, particularly the growing Bedouin sector. In Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, ISIL took over the Islamic revolt while in Jordan, the movement was said to be recruiting in Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps.

"They [ISIL] are working with Hamas and probably other Palestinian terror groups," the source said. "And yet, they have managed to remain well below the radar."

Middle East Newsline

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