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The Triumph of the Sexual Left - Taylor Lewis

by Taylor Lewis

It’s bad enough that the federal government thinks it’s appropriate to force a Christian baker to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding ceremony. But the report didn’t end there.

Prolific blogger Rod Dreher has a thing he calls the Law of Merited Impossibility. It goes, roughly, as follows: “If you believe x is going to happen, you’re crazy. But if it does, you bigots will deserve it.” 

X can be any number of things. Think outlawing discrimination against transgendered fantasists individuals will lead to men peeing with girls and taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery? Well, you’re wrong, bigot! And if you aren’t, it doesn’t matter because Uncle Sam should be forking your money over to chop off Little Jimmy’s jimmy and turn him into Little Julie. 

When liberals demand something sex-related, conservative concern over unintended consequences is ridiculed -- even when it proves true. 

Take Rick Santorum. When the former Pennsylvania senator said that the legalization of gay marriage will lead to polygamy back in 2011, he became a laughing stock on liberal news sites. I’m no Santorite, but I’ll be damned if the man wasn’t prescient. On the day the Supreme Court struck down state-wide bans on gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, Politico ran a piece titled, “It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy.”  The sexual left wasted no time waiting for the ruling to cool before staking out their next target. With the chummy gals of the polygamist “Sister Wives” reality TV show urging the Supreme Court to take up legalizing multi-marriage, it’s only a matter a time before holy matrimony is made into a de jure team sport. 

The Left has mastered the art of marginal persuasion by shaming their opponents out of following propositions to their logical conclusion. But any conservative not lying to himself knows what’s actually at play behind the progressive push for pure sexual autonomy: the wiping out of religious norms in public life. Of course, proponents of the gay agenda dismiss the charges. And now we have proof that no amount of denial can refute. 

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has released a report on the balance between religious liberty and anti-discrimination laws. The Commission, in trying to reconcile the tension between freedom to worship and freedom from those-icky-Bible-thumpers-and-their-hatey-hate, came down squarely on the side of sexual liberation. “Civil rights protections ensuring nondiscrimination, as embodied in the Constitution, laws, and policies, are of preeminent importance in American jurisprudence,” read the finding. 

It’s bad enough that the federal government thinks it’s appropriate to force a Christian baker to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding ceremony. But the report didn’t end there. Chairman Martin Castro, an Obama-appointed lackey, had this to say: “The phrases ‘religious liberty’ and ‘religious freedom’ will stand for nothing except hypocrisy so long as they remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance.” 

The fight for gay marriage wasn’t originally supposed to get to this point. When Andrew Sullivan made “the case” for same-sex marriage back in 1989, it was supposed to affirm marriage as an institution by bringing its benefits to non-traditional lovers. 

“Who cares if gays get hitched? It doesn’t hurt anybody?” went the leftist refrain. The idea of overturning two millennia of precedent was fought with a determined sort of harmless apathy. The strategy worked wonders. But now that Anthony Kennedy has foisted same sex marriage upon the land, the chipping away at society’s bedrock must continue unabated. Gay marriage advocates are not content to let the faithful go. They want nothing less than total reduction of Christians to a secular form of dhimmitude

Examples are popping up like a bad strain of herpes. The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination just ruled that church officials who don’t use someone’s preferred pronoun at a public event can be punished under anti-discrimination laws. A California judge just forced ChristianMingle.com to host gay dating ads. The Supreme Court refused to hear a case involving Washington State’s requirement that pharmacists dispense the “morning-after pill” even if it goes against their religious faith. 

The writing is on the wall that Christians already have their backs against. The message is: Comport to the demands of Big Gay, or become a pariah. Christian ethics professor David Gushee recently summed up this militant view in an illuminating column for ReligionNew.com titled, “On LGBT equality, middle ground is disappearing

“Neutrality is not an option. Neither is polite half-acceptance. Nor is avoiding the subject,” Gushee writes, with the passion of Stasi foot soldier. “Hide as you might, the issue will come and find you,” he warns. 

There is no reasoning with what Mary Eberstadt calls “The First Church of Secularism.” Instead of dismantling the divine moral precepts of faith, these apostles have established a new dogma, replete with its own inviolable tenets. These include the right to sex, shamelessness, and the pursuit of erotic satisfaction. With the state’s forceful machinery in their grasp, the LGBTQ house of worship will not stop until all sexual judgment is pushed underground. 

What means do believers who think Christianity deserves a place in the public square have to fight back with? 

Not many, sadly. Until this dandified Dark Age wanes, Christians will have to hold tight to their faith, even when the combined forces of government, Hollywood, and big business are dead set on its destruction. They must be as the Israelites who put their trust in the Lord as they faced down Sennacherib and the Assyrians. 

Right now, another city, the City upon a Hill, is besieged on all sides by an overconfident army of pride. With Washington at its side, there is little Christians can do but hunker down and keep the Word. The Sexual Revolution will eventually sputter out. Like Marxism, solipsism commits suicide. It, too, will pass. And then sanity can make a triumphant return.

Taylor Lewis

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/09/the_triumph_of_the_sexual_left.html

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