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Why the UN Deck Is Stacked against Israel - Dan Calic

by Dan Calic

once you understand how the UNHRC is structured with the Muslim nations in control, it becomes clear why they ignore many other obvious problematic areas, and devote so much attention to Israel

It may shock readers to learn that the UN Human Rights Council has passed more anti-Israel resolutions than it has passed against all other countries combined.

Take a look around at the rest of the world. The Syrian civil war has been raging since 2011 with close to 500,000 deaths by various estimates. Hizb’allah has built up an arsenal of 150,000 rockets in Southern Lebanon, which is in flagrant violations of UN resolution 1701. ISIS is terrorizing and murdering people in the Middle East and is responsible for numerous terror attacks in Europe and elsewhere. North Korea continues its rogue behavior, with numerous provocative missile launches. Iran is a threat to the entire Middle East, especially Israel. It launches missiles with “Israel must be wiped out” painted on them. It’s also the single largest state sponsor of terrorism.

In perspective, these are but a few of the highly significant issues plaguing much of the world. Yet the UN seems to have a permanent case of tunnel vision when it comes to Israel.

Keep in mind that Israel is a mere 8,000 square miles in size, or roughly the size of New Jersey. Its total population, including over 1 million Arabs, is just over 8,000,000. The Jewish population of Israel is approximately 6.5 million. Contrast that against the world population of 7.5 billion, Jewish Israel represents less than one tenth of one percent of the entire world.

So why is a tiny country like Israel and its ongoing conflict with the Arab Muslim ‘Palestinians’ standing head and shoulders above much more important issues as far as the UN is concerned? This question may have most people scratching their heads. In fact, a look inside the makeup of the UN provides the answer.

For example let’s take a close look at most anti-Israel body within the organization -- the UN Human Rights Council. Since 2006 when the United Nations Commission on Human Rights changed its name to the United Nations Human Rights Council, it has passed no less than 60 resolutions against Israel. That’s a sustained average of almost one every other month during the past 10 years. In 2016 alone, no less than 20 were passed, including an Incredible 10 on a single day! A total of four were passed against the rest of the world in 2016. This seems almost absurd, until you break down the UNHRC.

There are 47 member nations that comprise the UNHRC. Keep in mind the focus of it is “human rights.” Yet look at some of its members -- China, Cuba, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Qatar, Burundi, Bangladesh, UAE, etc. Shouldn’t members be beacons of protecting human rights? Yet these countries are some of its worst offenders.

Now let’s look at the actual structure of the UNHRC which is quite telling. The nations of the world are divided into five regions: Africa (including the Middle East), Asia, Latin America/Caribbean, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe (the U.S. is part of the Western Europe region).

The African and Asian regions each have 13 members. Latin America/Caribbean has eight members, Western Europe seven and Eastern Europe six. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Every nation where Muslims make up 50% or more of the general population is in one of two regions -- the African or Asian region. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize if those two regions vote together as a block, their 26 votes comprise an automatic majority of the UNHRC’s 47 members.

Another ironic point is how the U.S. is positioned. Keep in mind the U.S. is the home of the United Nations, putting up roughly 22% of the UN budget. Yet on the UNHRC the U.S. doesn’t even have its own region. It’s buried as a member of the Western Europe region which has a mere seven member nations. It can be easily outvoted by the Muslim-dominated African and Asian regions.

Back to the question of why the UNHRC has been so ardently anti-Israel for many years; once you understand how the UNHRC is structured with the Muslim nations in control, it becomes clear why they ignore many other obvious problematic areas, and devote so much attention to Israel. It sits smack dab in the heart of the Middle East, and has been a thorn in the side of the Arab Muslim world since the moment it was reborn in 1948. The existence of a sovereign Jewish state on land which most of the Muslim world considers holy, especially Jerusalem, represents a huge obstacle to their goal of ‘liberating’ all of Israel in favor of “Palestine.”

Keep in mind another body of the UN, UNESCO, is in the business of revising history by passing resolutions calling obvious Jewish holy sites such as the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Temple Mount, and the Western Wall Muslim holy sites.

Recently the UN Security Council passed a resolution naming Israeli “settlements” as the main obstacle to peace.

The United Nations as an organization is charged with upholding dignity and security for all the nations of the world. Yet, is it acting with equal vigilance enforcing these noble principle when it comes to Israel? The answer is a resounding no! Since the U.S. has a mere one vote in a small region of the UNHRC, it seems there’s little hope for change in its obsession with condemning Israel.

However, now that Donald Trump is president and Nikki Haley is the U.S. ambassador who sits on the Security Council, we should see Israel getting the support it rightfully deserves. Moreover, Trump has indicated the U.S. may consider taking punitive action against the UN and some of its internal bodies, such as reducing or eliminating financial support.

We are in the early stages of a new era. It’s about time someone is ‘Trumpeting’ support for Israel.

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