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There Still Ain't No Joy in Mudville - Susan Stanton

by Susan Stanton

Too many Americans are supporting a cult of national dismemberment.

Over the past decade or more, we have been listening to blowhard elites who ballyhoo and bellow over various political topics while demonstrating abject disrespect for the majority of Americans. Lately, it's become fashionable to resist immigration laws, support late-term or after-birth abortion (murder), and champion victim hoaxes while staging attempted coups against our president. Insanity reigns.

Former vice president Al Gore set the current political stage when he began hyping global warming. This dishonest agenda was designed to exert control over an increasingly ignorant and naïve populace. Over the years, his acolytes have used cultism embedded in pseudo-science to drive a wedge between Americans. 

Control of the Populace

Up front, we must concede that Mother Earth has her own natural rhythms irrespective of human activity. When severe winter weather returned to the Northern Hemisphere, Gore's pseudo-science was redefined as climate change fueled by CO2. The fact remains that the U.S. is not the prime violator of the climate alarmists' unofficial parts per million rules. The top achievers of pollution are China and India. Skeptics such as Tony Heller, a lifelong environmentalist, have, along with bona fide scientists, studied Gore's claims, which study revealed jerry-rigged publications rife with data manipulation — all in pursuit of greed and global control [i].

Realistically, volcanic activity and other natural phenomena are the main sources of CO2. Various cycles of natural decomposition produce harmless gases. Plants and other living things could not survive without CO2. Then there's that delightfully odiferous gas, methane. Flatulence bans against the bovine world are laughable. Bans must surely include all creatures great and small — including humans, and especially your gassy grandma who loves garbanzo beans. Methane mixes with oxygen and decomposes to create CO2 and water vapor — i.e., clouds, which produce cleansing rains filled with nutrients for all things green. So what exactly is the harm? Remember: the Earth's oceans cover seventy-one percent of the planet. Over ninety-five percent of earth's water is contained in the oceans and the polar ice caps. Eons before the advent of fossil fuels, the climate fluctuated in repeating circular patterns — nothing new there.

The real inconvenient truth is that plastic pollution is far more disturbing than CO2. Asian countries are polluting our oceans with non-biodegradable garbage at an alarming rate. Yet do you hear a hue and cry over the islands of trash swirling around in the Pacific currents, or being spewed into rivers, streams, and urban gutters in third-world countries? No, what you hear is a stuttering hem and a haw from global leaders while the world's sea life chokes to death on garbage [ii]

No matter what Gore's bought and paid for scientists report, Mother Nature is going to continue calling the climate shots. Her universal companions, the sun, moon, and magnetic fields, will govern the atmosphere. Gore's pet project is and always has been another capitalistic scheme to keep the sheeple in line through fear and to line his pockets. Many have fallen for the ultimate flimflam.

Eventually, fossil fuels will be supplanted by something more efficient and "eco-friendly." Wind and solar farms are poor solutions for supplying our ever expanding energy needs. Yet, even as they continue to kill precious birds and blight the landscape, environmentalists tout them as the future. Have you ever driven through one of those "green energy" complexes? They create an eerie, unappealing landscape. The natural beauty of our mountains and plains has been disfigured with revolving steel blades and towers that make Orson Welles's War of the Worlds appear genuine. The point is not so much about the veracity of climate change as it is about political extortion and the greed driving it.

Engineering and science have always given us new technology, but these days, our college students are far more interested in social justice than in science and their own futures. It's easier to be stupid and to be part of the manipulated hive mind. Shockingly, these attitudes are implanted by a huge percentage of today's educators — from kindergarten through grad school. Will you be duped? As a medicine show barker hawks his snake oil to cure the world's ills, his audience becomes hypnotized and slack-jawed. The people never question the salesman's background or the cure he peddles. Democrats and Republicans employ similar deceptive, cultist tactics in all areas of politics.

Sadly, we haven't learned a damn thing from small-scale cultists like Jim Jones and Heaven's Gate leader Marshall Applewhite — who, as they incited the mass suicides of their followers, promised they would ride to Heaven on the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet. These evil religionists professed to know the future. Just hand over your brain, drink the Kool-Aid, and die! 

Now l'enfant Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is stepping up to the podium with her Green New Deal. Thumping her drum and baring her teeth, she is demanding dramatic change in twelve years — or die. She sounds and looks like a wild-eyed religious wacko from bygone days who declared, "The millennium is coming! Sinners, repent!" What's next — an apocalyptic storm featuring the four horsemen thundering over the horizon led by Ocasio-Cortez on her white stallion?

Cultism is an age-old ruse recycled by religious zealots and politicians. The millennium is eighteen years gone, and the elite are still chuntering away on meaningless and baseless issues, making no progress.

Americans for AOC are supporting the cult of national dismemberment. It's purely an emotional response to their self-serving and self-aggrandizing laziness, which has no goal other than to commit our great nation to socialism.

Since the Obama administration, citizens have been vexed by the "us vs. them" assault on our social fabric. We need to stand together and think outside the box of cultist politics du jour. These zombie acolytes won't think for themselves, investigate, or invent a fair paradigm for all. Instead, they hurl mindless obscenities and commit social mayhem. Their know-nothing television idols ambush and twist the truth. They abhor Americans who want discussion before action. Read a bill before Congress passes it? That's racist!

Championed by Pelosi, Waters, and others, these so-called educated but ignorant nitwits are the real existential threat to our country. Anyone with a differing opinion is racist. Use the wrong pronoun, and you are excoriated as a homophobe. People who are in the country without permission are victims. Consequences of their presence are an inconvenient afterthought not worth notice. Our blood and legacy are now considered negligible collateral damage, and reparations are now due.

Given his vaunted celebrity, I expected that Obama might continue Dr. King's work in bringing all Americans together. However, his Hollywood elite pals are led by an amoral army in D.C. Ultimately, they are re-educating the starry-eyed camp followers who adore them — training them as activists. Never have such contemptible people wielded so much power against the American middle class. Their overreaching duplicity is couched in pure evil designed to provoke chaos. They are harvesting raw power to extinguish our freedom.

As rational Americans, we have become the baseball fans of Mudville, breathlessly waiting for Casey to knock the ball out of the park. Will he finally give us the home run needed to renew national solidarity in 2020, or will we see a second Civil War? It's up to you.

[i] Another good source is Michael Shellenberger.
[ii] See

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