Tuesday, January 15, 2013

China’s Contribution to Syria

by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

It seems the Chinese have finally felt some remorse for the horrific massacres committed by the Syrian regime against children, and the displacement of millions of starving people, by presenting a cheque for $50,000. Yes, that’s right, China, a powerful country that holds investments worth a trillion dollars in US banks, and sells $130 billion worth of goods in Gulf markets in a year, could only give the Syrian refugees $50,000. Yet along with Russia, China has protected the al-Assad regime and paved the way for its killings by vetoing U.N. Security Council resolutions.

At least the Russians are explicit in their hostility towards the Syrians. They have provided the Syrian regime with fuel and arms and printed its currency. China, however, hides behind Russia at the Security Council, whilst also enabling al-Assad to commit his massacres.

What can the Syrians do with such an amount? What wounds will $50,000 heal?

Yet the smoke and mirrors and insults do not only stem from China but also from the Arab League, which has set off a few verbal fireworks despite having failed to achieve a single positive ever since Nabil Elaraby became Secretary General. The league, even though historically known for its incapability and fragile stances, has never before reached such lows. Its positions, at least the statements made, were always clearer, stronger and more vocal on issues relating to Palestine, Lebanon, post-occupation Kuwait, Somalia and Sudan.

Elaraby’s league is an organization with no color, taste or smell. I have several times tried to understand how Elaraby thinks and what he aims to achieve. Which political game could he possibly be playing? The truth is I cannot understand him. Yesterday, he confused me further as he spoke of sending peacekeeping troops to carry out a political transition process in Syria.

Even if these were Arab peacekeeping troops sanctioned by a UN Security Council resolution, how could they be sent to Syria? What peace is there for them to keep? Fighter jets are shelling people from afar and the rebels are retaliating in the dark. There are no two opposing sides as in a civil war or a battle fought between two armies. There is not even a peace treaty to maintain. Could Elaraby be kind enough to explain to us his great idea that he, along with other ministers, keeps on repeating?

The Arab League’s position is shameful. It is hiding behind the stances of Arab governments in solidarity with the al-Assad regime such as those of Algeria, Sudan and Iraq, as well as Egypt to a lesser extent.

Elaraby has to realize that al-Assad’s game has ended and that his regime is disintegrating. The Arab League and governments like Algeria’s no longer need to waste time under new excuses. They granted al-Assad the cover as well as the time and now the number of those slaughtered by the Syrian regime has reached more than 60,000 – most of whom were unarmed civilians. We all know well that al-Assad will not allow peace or relief troops. Therefore, what Elaraby and his partners are suggesting is just a mockery against the Syrian people and an underestimation of us all.

As the countdown for the Syrian regime begins, some, like China, will try to forge positions by registering themselves as donors for the Syrian people. China only sent $50,000 so it will be remembered as one that stood by the Syrians. Yet this is the same China that participated in the slaughter of these people from a distance, from its permanent seat at the UN Security Council.

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

Source: http://www.asharq-e.com/news.asp?section=2&id=32549

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