Monday, January 14, 2013

Palestinian State will Bring Demographic Problem


The following is IMRA's English translation of a message being distributed by Dr. Guy Bachor:

It is important to read assimilate and transfer to your contacts.

Mahmoud Abbas demands of the world allow him to "shelter" the "Palestinian refugees from Syria" within the Palestinian Authority.

How many Syrians of Palestinian origin are there?

About 400,000. Of course we will stop it, but imagine if it would be a real country, with freedom of entry into its borders?

It would immediately bring in the Palestinians from Syria, and another 700,000 from Lebanon, and this would change the demographic reality in Israel - forever.

We are talking about, among other things, the world's most dangerous militias, gangs and Salafist terrorist organizations coming here with weapons, sitting by the coast and Ben Gurion Airport, such that we would no longer be able to live in Israel.

The amazing thing is that there are those who actually use the demographic argument to justify a Palestinian state, while if that happens, demographic realities will become unbearable for every Israeli.

After all, history teaches that the Jews do not read the warning signs in time, even when they are smeared all over the wall in front of them; and it is still said that the Jews are a smart People.

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