Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blind to Reality

by Dror Eydar

And then the rocket was intercepted. That is, the rocket that was fired as a greeting from the besieged Gaza Strip to the peace conference hosted by the Not-Our-Land newspaper Haaretz in Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city. Ah, if only we'd discussed peace, we wouldn't need a sword now. So what have we been doing for the past 20 years? The Palestinian Authority, Camp David, the disengagement from Gaza, and peace proposals by then Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak? 

How symbolic that this ridiculous conference was taking place just as half our citizens were heading for shelters because of rocket attacks from Gaza (participants in the conference also had to run for their lives.) When you hear the sirens, think, for example, about these words from Shimon Peres when he was Olmert's deputy prime minister, immediately after the disengagement in mid-2005: "The fact that we left Gaza, was it to bolster Hamas? The opposite." (That is, to strengthen PA President Mahmoud Abbas.) Genius, isn't it? Shortly thereafter Gaza fell to Hamas -- for all intents and purposes a Nazi organization -- whose goal isn't merely to annihilate Israel, but Jews everywhere. Read its charter. Now they want to do the same thing with the Judea and Samaria hills, spitting distance from the center of the country. A walk in the park, right? 

How blind to reality can they be? To what remains of the Left: Your real opponents are us, most of the citizens of Israel, who are no longer buying the circus of delusions you sold us. As far as you are concerned, we're all extremists, fascists, warmongers, and the rest of your pet insults. An editorial in Haaretz this week made it sound like a majority of the public wasn't appalled by the horrific murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir by scumbags (Jews, to our shame). Such insolence and condescension. 

Reality is a jigsaw puzzle comprised of events and symbols that when put together, create a very clear picture about the Palestinians' perception of the "peace process." They aren't interested. The debate isn't territorial, it's existential. They aren't prepared to share this land with Jews. They shout it at the tops of their voices: They will never be willing to truly sign off on any document that puts an end to the conflict. 

Why, for heaven's sake, are we the only ones making proposals? Where is Abbas' suggestion? Can someone show it to me, in writing? Of course not. He hasn't offered a thing; he will never forgo the collective "right" of return for Palestinians. If he sets out a proposal that includes the right of return, he'll lose his sales representatives on the Left. So he sells empty statements about a "brave peace" and other rubbish that always worked on fundamentalist liberals and which, not surprisingly, made things worse for us. And you are unwilling to accept this, stomping your feet and blaming us for not achieving peace. We aren't talking about a political faction anymore, but about a cult whose faith no reality can change. 

The peace conference was a kind of Noah's Ark on which the Oslo delusionists and disengagement devotees gathered, surrounded by a rain of missiles, the result of the immoral retreat from Gaza and the Palestinian terror that has ballooned ten-fold since the Oslo Accords. 

After them, the deluge. We are the ones who will have to clean up after them. Even on the ark the orthodox Left was not safe -- the rockets searched them out. Who said that history has no sense of humor?

Dror Eydar


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