Monday, July 7, 2014

Where does Israeli Arab loyalty lie?

by Dr. Haim Shine

The riots in Jerusalem, in the Triangle region adjacent to the Green Line, and in Wadi Ara cast a heavy doubt about Jews' and Arabs' willingness to live together in Israel. Balad MK Hanin Zoabi, former MK Azmi Bishara, and Sheikh Raed Salah of the Islamic Movement are not lone voices. The hundreds of protesters who went wild and endangered the lives of police officers, border police, and civilians prove that the Arabs in Israel are becoming more extreme. They have started to wave black flags, desiring a separation from Israel. Incitement by the Arab leadership falls on a bed of hatred and disloyalty to the state of which they are citizens. The voice of the moderate leaders, if there is one, isn't being heard. 

The hypocrisy of the Arabs of Israel is unchecked and disgusting. On one hand, they are unwilling to disengage from the nation state of the Jewish people, and on the other they lend their voices to their country's worst enemies. Unfortunately, they do not realize that their actions keep them walking a tightrope that could collapse if their traitorous conduct persists. Israeli Arabs should decide as soon as possible whether they are Israeli citizens or an expeditionary force in the fight to wipe out the Zionist entity from inside. They should remember that a democracy must not sit with its hands folded when forces inside it are seeking to revolt and bring it down. 

The government has to put a stop to exhibitions of anarchy at once. Everyone knows when anarchy starts but no one knows when and how it ends. I expect everyone who speaks for the Israeli Left, which for years has been trying to convince us that coexistence with the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is possible, to consider the possibility of coexistence with Israeli Arabs. We should also refrain from Jewish incitement. 

A kind of anarchy is also growing on our southern border with Gaza. A government has the obligation to ensure its citizens' personal safety. The residents of the Gaza periphery cannot be allowed to live like hostages to a group of terrorists that is serving the interests of Iran on our borders. I was in Sderot last week and realized just how much loyal citizens, who have been living under rocket barrages for years, are suffering. 

It's true that in the past few days there has been demand by government ministers, journalists, and on social media for Israel to re-enter the Gaza Strip. We should remember that these aren't the people who will have to look in the eye the mothers who, God forbid, lose their sons in the reeking alleyways of Gaza. 

Anyone who has lost a family member knows the pain. Great deliberation and moderation are needed, but we can in no way let our citizens -- or our enemies -- feel a sense of hesitation or fatigue. The only language our enemies understand is the language of strength, so it's important to speak to them in their own tongue. Peace in the Middle East is a dream, and sometimes we have to fight to ensure our victory. The government needs to decide when and to what extent, preferably sooner rather than later.

Dr. Haim Shine


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