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Europe sells the hangman's rope - again - James Lewis

by James Lewis

Today Europe has suicidally imported more than 50 million Muslims -- just as Obama wants us to do here. With America failing to provide international leadership, Europe has simply collapsed and surrendered -- hoping the crocodile will eat it last.

It was V.I. Lenin who sneered that the last capitalist would sell communists the rope to hang him with. That's what happened in the Soviet Empire, which ran Eastern Europe for half a century. But even in the 1930s most European nations were ready to surrender preemptively to the Nazi war machine.

Today Europe has suicidally imported more than 50 million Muslims -- just as Obama wants us to do here. With America failing to provide international leadership, Europe has simply collapsed and surrendered -- hoping the crocodile will eat it last.

Remember how well that worked the last few times?

Since 1945 Europe has been unwilling to defend itself, relying on the US-Anglosphere alliance to pull its chestnuts out of the fire. In the case of Islam, Europe is pre-emptively bowing to the Muslim onslaught. While ordinary people no longer believe pro-immigration propaganda, the ruling class knows it can ignore the people. People with common sense are powerless.

This week a Hungarian Nobelist in Literature, Imre Kertész, himself a WW2 concentration camp survivor, published a book called The Last Escape.

In it he writes
“Muslims are flooding, occupying, ... destroying Europe (with its) suicidal liberalism and the stupid democracy.… It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a certain stage of maturation ... where it is in a seemingly incomprehensible worship of (its) own enemy.”
Today's Munich 2.0 deal, courtesy of Obama, is happily endorsed by Vladimir Putin, who will do anything to bring down the United States; plus the Chinese, who routinely preach aggression against us. As a consequence, Japan is rapidly rearming. Its newest helicopter carrier is called the Kaga, after its Imperial Navy namesake that helped to attack Pearl Harbor in 1946. The name "Kaga" is no accident. Symbolism counts in Japan, which has never even managed to apologize to its WW2 victims. A big helicopter carrier can readily convert to a cruise missile platform.

It's a good bet that Japan is working with South Korea and Taiwan on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. All of our former allies are arming up, because nobody can trust us under Obama.

Like Munich 1.0 in 1938, Munich 2.0 could open the gates of hell.

Obama ran as a self-proclaimed peacemaker, but he has destabilized the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Quite an achievement for a peacemaker.

Among the biggest profiteers from Munich 2.0 are Germany, France, Britain and the EU.

Israel is now the first target for the mullahs' genocidal hunger, just as Czechoslovakia was for Hitler.

Every European nation has World War 2.0 burned into its living memory. They know exactly what they are doing. Unlike many Americans, Europe isn't just deluded and dumbed-down, but completely cynical and corrupt. Europe's political class is deliberately choosing evil, and it understands that perfectly well.

Obama is disgraceful, but then he has always rooted for the enemy in the Jihad War, as we now know.  (See Admiral James Lyons' public statement here, and more than 200 retired US flag officers here).

As Imre Kertész wrote, Europe isn't just corrupt, it is suicidal, which makes it even harder to understand. Israel is armed to the teeth and determined to defend itself, with nuclear weapons if necessary. But Europe is just as much in the range of Iran's city-busting missiles and bombs -- all in the hands of a primitive theocracy with its head stuck in the desert sands of the 7th century. When it comes to ICBMs, Washington and New York City are just as vulnerable as any city in the Middle East, along with Moscow and Beijing. Once the missiles are up, who cares where they come down? Ballistic missiles only have to escape earth gravity; from there it's all downhill. If you can launch a satellite and control re-entry, the world is at your mercy.

If there is any shred of rationality left in Tehran and Qom, the mullahs will attack the weaker nations first. Europe is a big, fat target, because it doesn't have the will to defend itself. You can stockpile all the weapons in the world, but if you are psychologically weak you have already disarmed yourself. The 9/11 hijackers killed United and American Airlines personnel with razor-sharp utility knives. All it took was enough fanaticism and indoctrination to make mass murder-martyrdom seem sweet.

 In World War 2 France had the Maginot Line and a sizeable army, but the country simply collapsed for lack of morale. For Jihad killers, Europe's surrender is all but a done deal.

The big payoffs for Munich 2.0 are coming out. The Russians are selling the mullahs one hundred long-range refueling tankers, with China in line to sell them a hundred jet bombers for long-distance power projection. The Iranians have been importing long-range missile technology from North Korea, with Chinese backing. Iran's Revolutionary Guards have been spotted at nuclear tests in the north. And Obama wants to give them 150 billion dollars to beef up their aggression.

Still, the Germans are the most shameless offenders.

From Wikipedia:
"Iran's nuclear program depends mainly upon German products and services. For example, the thousands of centrifuges used to enrich the uranium are controlled by Siemens "Simatic WinCC Step7" software.[7][8] ...  more than 12,000 firms have trade representatives in Iran. Many well-known German companies are involved in major Iranian infrastructure projects... In 2005, Germany had the largest share of Iran's export market with $5.67 billion (14.4%)."
Those dollar figures are bound to go up when the mullahs get their 150 billion dollar payoff for Obama's surrender.

Since everything old is new again, we should remember two words: Munich and Vichy. Today, Europe is repeating the Munich surrender to international thuggery. Tomorrow it may turn into the Nazi puppet state of Vichy.

James Lewis


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