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Migrant to Mexico Denounces Hypocrite Jorge Ramos - Humberto Fontova

by Humberto Fontova

Why is the Univision activist silent on the torture of refugees in his home country?

“I cover many issues in many countries” (Univision’s Jorge Ramos to CNN’s Brian Stelter 8/25/2015).

“I’ve never ceased to be Mexican. I have two passports, and I vote in elections in both countries" (Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Time Magazine, 1/2/2013).

“Then why your silence on the thousands upon thousands of Cubans that are arrested, beaten, extorted and deported by migratory officials of YOUR country, Mr. Ramos?” (Rafael Alejandro Hernández, 8/28/ 2015)

Rafael Alejandro Hernández is a young Cuban lawyer living in Mexico who knows from firsthand experience what migrants to Mexico go through. Last week he unloaded on Jorge Ramos:
  • “Mr. Ramos, you as Mexican citizen have no moral authority whatsoever to criticize U.S. immigration policy.”  
  • “You claim to be a journalist not a politician. But Mr. Donald Trump threw you out only because you were impertinent and completely out of line. Your behavior was shameful. In fact you weren’t even asking a question. You were making outright declarations. Some journalist!" 
  • “Every week thousands of Cubans migrants to Mexico are arrested, beaten, extorted and swindled by the Mexican gov. in collusion with the Castro tyranny! But I’ve never heard you utter a peep against the Mexican government over this, Mr. Jorge Ramos! And you claim to be a proud and vocal Mexican citizen, Mr. Jorge Ramos!”
  • “Why not come to your Mexico and try telling President Pena Nieto that deporting Cubans to Castro means they’ll live in a prison. Why not practice what you preach, Mr. Ramos?”
  • "You denounce the U.S.–a country that opened its doors to you, yourself, sir–but you refuse to utter a peep against your native Mexico, that deports Cubans not because they’re delinquents–but as a matter of policy.”
  • "I’m speaking to you as someone who was jailed for 49 days in a Mexican prison for migrants and freed only after a hunger strike where I almost died.”
  • “Next time you attend a Trump press conference you might ask permission to speak, and wait your turn like all the others. And since you seem to like to talk without permission, Mr Ramos, come to Mexico and try that stunt!
Actually the term “impertinent” hardly does justice to some of Univision’s stunts. Back in 2011, for instance, Univision tried to blackmail Senator Marco Rubio.

At the time Senator Rubio’s position regarding illegal immigrants was widely perceived as pretty close to Trump’s today. He opposed even the DREAM Act. Hence the blackmail attempt by America’s top media proponent of illegal immigration: Univision. Even the liberal Miami Herald reported on the blackmail attempt.

For all their “Hispanic”-pandering Univision’s owner is actually an Egyptian-born Israeli-American named Haim Saban, who ranks among the Democratic Party’s most lavish benefactors. "I don't say this lightly," said Democratic National Committee head Terry McAuliffe back in 2007, "Haim Saban saved the Democratic Party."  Saban is also a major financier of the Clinton Foundation, contributing between $10 million-$25 million recently.

Back in July 2011, Senator Rubio was asked to appear on the network’s top show, Al Punto, for an interview with Jorge Ramos, who at the time was hailed as “the Brian Williams of Hispanic TV” by AdAge. (Yes -- in that long ago and far away time and place being equated with Brian Williams was a compliment.)

The plan called for “Hispanic” Univision tinkling the tune and “Hispanic” Senator Marco Rubio either stepping and fetching, tap-dancing or being outed in front of the vast majority of America’s “Hispanic” households as anything “but a credit to his race”; more like a traitor. 

Senator Rubio declined the role of Mr. Bo Jangles. So Univision cranked up the inducements. They had the goods on Rubio, they explained in a meeting with his staff. Marco’s brother-in-law had been busted for drugs in 1987 and they planned a prime-time expose of the scandal. Marco’s cooperation with an interview just might prompt Univision to “soften” or even kill the program altogether. 

When Marco’s sister refused Univision’s offer to “contribute” to their report, the network parked a huge news truck in front of her house to further harass her and apparently also to further dramatize their “investigative prowess.”

Univision’s “expose" on Rubio’s brother-in-law ran for two days in July 2011 and instantly fizzled, despite a publicity blizzard by Univision to their mainstream media soulmates. Apparently the tangent proved too embarrassingly tenuous even for most Rubio-bashers (of the time). 

Univision’s blackmail attempt was so widely recognized and condemned that it nixed the network’s planned hosting of the Republican debate in 2012. “Even in this time of ever-changing media techniques, Univision’s unethical tactics stand out,” wrote Rick Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan to Univision’s CEO. “Therefore, Gov. Perry will not consider participating in the Jan. 29, 2012, Univision debate until your network addresses this ethical breach and takes action to correct it.” All candidates except Ron Paul were in lockstep with Gov. Perry on the Univision boycott.

Needless to say, things have changed. In fact, Jeb Bush—widely hailed as Marco Rubio’s “mentor” -- now sides with Univision against Trump, saying : “I think people with the press (Ramos) ought to be treated with a little more respect and dignity.”  

And just in case you had any doubts about what Castroism did to Cuba. Here’s a country that pre-Castro was swamped with immigrants from Europe. Now its people flee desperately to a (relative) paradise named Mexico. 

Humberto Fontova


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