Thursday, September 3, 2015

Foreign Ministry: Beating Iran Deal Not a 'Lost Cause' - Yaakov Levi

by Yaakov Levi

'We will continue to warn about the dangers of the Iran deal,' Dore Gold, the Director of Israel's Foreign Ministry asserts Thursday.

Although US President Barack Obama has secured the necessary number of votes in Congress to ensure the passage of the Iran nuclear deal, the Democratic Party is still concerned it may lose. 

According to Israeli Foreign Ministry Director Dore Gold, there is major fear in the Democratic Party that some senators will change their minds at the last moment or even fail to show up for the vote scheduled next week

Speaking to Army Radio on Thursday, Gold said that numerous US officials had been in touch with him to downplay the reports Obama had secured the “34th vote" -  the number needed to uphold a Presidential veto of a planned congressional resolution against the deal.

While pundits declared the vote a “lost cause” after reports on Wednesday that Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski would support the nuclear deal, Gold said that the Ministry has not given up hope. 

In addition he said, the Foreign Ministry did not the see the garnering of the veto votes as proof the government had “lost' on Iran.

“In the past, and for as long as necessary, we will continue to warn about the dangers of the Iran deal," Gold stressed. “We respect the decision-making process in the US, but we will remain on guard on all issues surrounding Iran.”

Yaakov Levi


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