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Die Partei der deutschen Selbstmord (The party of German suicide) - J. Robert Smith

by J. Robert Smith

Expect naked assertions by the media that no opponent to Merkel’s lunacy is reasonable. The square-off will strictly pit urbane and humanity-embracing E.U. champs against knuckle-dragging neo-fascists.      

Note how the media characterizes the protests in Germany. Protests, that is, mushrooming against Angela Merkel’s misbegotten intention to permit millions of Muslims to flood not only Deutschland but Western Europe. The Daily Mail carried a Reuters’ photo of an anti-Merkel protestor who looked straight out of central casting. The old Fox TV show, Sons of Anarchy, comes to mind. The Teuton is muscle-bound, heavily tattooed, and skin-headed. Oh, was it mentioned he’s giving a double-barreled flip-off to pro-Merkel counter-protestors? The Mail’s caption reads:
“A supporter of the right-wing Alternative for Germany [Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD)] party makes an obscene gesture as he demonstrates against the German government's policy for migrants in Berlin [Italics added.]
Hence, the Mail has its “picture that speaks a thousand words” summation of how it wants its readers to perceive those who’d dare take to the streets against Frau Merkel’s open borders generosity. The intent is for the eye to go to and linger on the menacing appearance of the skin-headed protestor, and then for the mind to register the image and the memory to catalogue it.  Be aghast -- and very afraid -- forever. If this biker miscreant and his fellows ascend to rule Germany, why, Mad Max will play out in your nachbarschaft every… single… day.          
The Mail’s other photos of sober-looking Germans against Merkel are incidental. Never mind that the anti-Merkel protests have swollen into the many thousands. Never mind that most of das Volk are pedestrian Germans who fear – with good cause – that their nation is being overrun by Mohammedans. Mostly males from war-torn Syria but with contributions from the Balkans (no war-tearing there as of late, alas, to excuse the influx). 

The Associated Press (via Business Insider), in an odd moment of reasonable judgment, featured a photo of anti-Merkel seniors (in the foreground) garbed REI-style. These old people are terribly nonthreatening. They, among thousands of other Germans, in fact, are reasonable objectors to the Merkel-facilitated Muslim invasion. 

As the crisis mounts, and if protestors appear to be gaining significant traction, expect anything close to fair portrayals of the anti-Merkel opposition to evaporate. Expect naked assertions by the media that no opponent to Merkel’s lunacy is reasonable. The square-off will strictly pit urbane and humanity-embracing E.U. champs against knuckle-dragging neo-fascists.       
The protests against Frau Merkel’s derangement are having an impact. As the Associated Press reported, Merkel’s governing coalition is taking “restricted asylum status” off the table for Syrians who’ve trekked to Germany (750,000 plus Mohammedans have entered Germany between January and October). Note the qualifier, “restricted,” lest any German thinks that Frau Merkel is zany enough to want unrestricted asylum (as if, at the end of the day, there’d be much difference). 

But don’t be fooled. Anyone who’s long observed or knows skilled politicians – regardless nationality – know about “tactical retreats,” which are undertaken for purely political reasons. From the Associated Press account:
Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said Friday many Syrians should get "subsidiary protection," which comes with only a one-year renewable residence permit and wouldn't allow them to bring relatives to Germany for two years. Hours later, he shelved the idea, saying things will remain unchanged for now.                         
De Maiziere’s trial balloon was popped but his back-off from asylum wasn’t much of anything. It would have permitted Syrians to stay in Germany, granting them -- as stated -- the option of one-year renewable permits. They could bring relatives to Deutschland after a next-to-nothing 24 months. The Syrian migrants, most of them accustomed to hardships since birth, could do that standing on their heads (or on their knees, five times a day, facing Mecca).   

What Frau Merkel and her cohorts are up to is buying time. Any resolution that allows Syrians to stay in Germany beyond -- let’s say -- 90 days (enough time to process those there now for export) gives Merkel’s government leeway to concoct ways to make Syrians permanent features of the German landscape. 

Whether Merkel coerces or connives, she fully intends to make her imperious compassion stick. Love means never having to say that German culture and borders are inviolate. Check that. Per Merkel’s perverse ethos, it means no inviolability throughout Western Europe. Merkel wants the Casbah rocked from Edinburgh to Palermo and every place in between. And you can bet your last shekel that shareef likes it mightily.

Reversing Merkel’s intention to hasten Western Europe’s suicide requires sealing off borders, as the Hungarians have done, and then transiting the Syrians and other Mohammedans back to their countries of origin, bag lunches and toiletries provided. 

“What?” retorts Merkel and her coalition of muddle-minded Christians and compassionate loathers of the West. “Ship Syrians back to hellish Syria, tout de suite? Why, you cold-hearted, jackbooted right-wing biker-hater of the downtrodden. That simply can’t be done.” 

So what about a compassionate Muslim country’s elite opening its arms to the masses of Syrians fleeing strife and turmoil in their homeland? Why not throw in Balkan Muslims for good measure, just to raise the compassion quotient? 

The Saudis have deep pockets and a lot of unused desert. It would give the Saudis’ Wahabbi clerics a wonderful indoctrination opportunity. Shouldn’t we have confidence that the Saudis would be up to so kindhearted an enterprise? “Muslims helping Muslims,” with Frau Merkel cheerleading and photo-op ministering to all those surly Syrian males in Saudi tent cities. Why isn’t so elegant a resolution on tables in Berlin, Brussels, and Riyadh?     

A critical moment approaches in Germany’s and Western Europe’s existence (or one should say, in the existence of vaunted Western culture in Europe’s western lands). For all intents and purposes, Merkel leads die Partei der Deutschen Selbstmord (the Party of German Suicide) in her stubborn insistence (among other insistences) that a withering German population needs infusions of Muslims. Otherwise, in coming years, Germany, skewed toward the old, won’t have a sufficient younger cohort to labor to support all those oldsters (ah, we’ve found something that is inviolate: the welfare state). 

Since a feature of Islam is dhimmitude -- that’s the subordination of infidels to the chosen -- it’s fanciful to believe that Muslims transplanted to Germany (along with their fellows residing there now) will gladly and voluntarily fork over large portions of their earnings to support blue-eyed, fair-skinned Lutherans and Catholics (if any remain) and atheists, old and enfeebled or not. But the West’s decadent elite are full of such fancies.

If German elites want to boost population, then campaign to curtail abortions among native German women. And make more babies. Moreover, cast a wide net throughout struggling lands for distressed children -- say, age three or younger -- to bring to Germany for adoption. Then raise these children in the German way, layering in traditional Christian sensibilities, this to fortify future Germans in a manner that vacuous secularism cannot.

But such policies would amount to heresy among Germany’s godless, death culture-embracing elite. Met, too, with bewildered stares by the nation’s mushy-minded, Kumbaya Christians, who believe that loving Mohammedans will take the edge off their historic religious chauvinism and their equally historic fierce determination to prevail and dominate.

The antidote to Merkel’s Partei der deutschen Selbstmord is a Partei der deutschen Leben (Party of German Life).  In fact, similar parties need to spring up throughout Western Europe. Suicide or life; that’s really the choice.

J. Robert Smith

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/11/emdie_partei_der_deutschen_selbstmordem.html

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