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A Most Successful Experiment - Eileen F. Toplansky

by Eileen F. Toplansky

The glue holding this society is a law that is ferocious in its tenets. To disobey such a law results in body mutilation, stoning, whipping, immolation, hanging, and eventually death as it is critical that the edicts be maintained or else the society may begin to fray. Any muted voices attempting to change the rulings will be instantly stilled.

It is difficult to imagine that the largest ongoing social experiment on how to thwart natural instincts continues to reap such rich rewards. It is not only a psychologist's thought-provoking field of study, it is an anthropologist's most intriguing investigation concerning child rearing customs. The rituals are time-honored and the results are repeatedly enacted. From a scientific perspective, the experiment has proven exact and predictable.

It begins with strict obedience and respect to the clan organization and permeates every aspect of the world in which these inhabitants occupy. It is characterized by an exacting hierarchy. When the young move from the environs of their home, they have with them the tools that will ensure them a good life both here on earth and in the afterlife.

But, in order for the society to thrive, there are a number of human attributes that must be extirpated for the society to survive. The first is the mother-child bond which, in most parts of the globe, is wholly protective of its young. Yet, in this society this bond must be broken. This is done in incremental steps. The child is taught that there are certain groups which, by their very existence, must be subjugated and eventually exterminated. As children are wont to do, they imitate their elders and when they continually hear and see accolades coming to those who engage in violent activity, it follows that this behavior is the road to success within their society. Unending propaganda that encourages such rage-filled hatred "as one would have for urine and excreta," (Bawer 91) describes the early training that children acquire as they evolve. And lest their mothers try to teach empathy for other human beings, these same mothers take a chance of being brutally punished for their attempts to be humane. Defeat for the protective and life-affirming mother-child bond comes early.

In fact, in this society which can be found in at least 57 of the world's nations, children are not considered the builders of a nation but rather are expected to sacrifice their bodies and any future dreams in order to carry out the mandates of their religious elders -- mothers' tears notwithstanding.

The next pivotal attribute of this society is the destruction of the inclination for self-preservation. Being primed to be killing machines, by acting as human sacrificial bombs, children are lauded in this society with exuberant celebrations offered after the sacrifice is made. In fact, the family of the martyred child is rewarded with money for this ultimate act. Pictures of their dead child become important artifacts in local museums and exhibits around the world.

The rites involved are revealed to the children during the period when they are being initiated into these mysteries. Thus, their educational mentors (who were properly trained when they were youngsters) will applaud and praise any actions that will lead to suicide and homicide as the highest goal for the children. In fact, the children become so emotionally invested that crying and beating of their chests is a signal that they have learned their lessons well. Take, for example, young men who are proud to amputate their own hands because they might break the law that binds this society and, thereby, dishonor their god. In fact, the society must continue the destruction of its youth in order to exist. It is actually a human piranha-like relationship, so there is a precedent in the animal world for such behavior.

The focal point of this initiation is the house of worship where men prostrate themselves to the floor and women completely cover their bodies. Any individuality is strictly prohibited since all allegiance must be made to a man who died many hundreds of years ago. Consequently, no distractions are permitted as it will disturb the intensity of worship.

This society must squelch yet another natural aspect of living -- that of the beauty of human sexuality. So fearful are the men that viewing a woman would result in a release of sensual emotions, they hide, disfigure, and humiliate the very object of their concern. Such a prohibition helps men to a better afterlife replete with women with whom they will have permission to enjoy.

In fact, it is so critical that one not show her body or her face, that the women are protected against any intrusions by wrapping themselves from head to foot. Even though such enveloping attire often produces mental and physical illnesses, there is no leeway in these sartorial demands.

The glue holding this society is a law that is ferocious in its tenets. To disobey such a law results in body mutilation, stoning, whipping, immolation, hanging, and eventually death as it is critical that the edicts be maintained or else the society may begin to fray. Any muted voices attempting to change the rulings will be instantly stilled. It is a monolithic and purposefully rigid society.

One of the principles of this society is to engage other cultures in order to share the miracle of their own social order. Imperialistic in its operation, the venture has a long history. Yet, these other societies often hold radically different perspectives which then become problematic. So long having been denied natural human impulses, when they see someone who is not covered up, the adherents' sexual urges have no braking system. Having lived in their very insular society has never allowed them a true appreciation of a multicultural society which they perceive as absolutely unacceptable. In fact, many in the society seek nothing other than "utter destruction and total domination" over cultures they abhor.

Since they have been taught to humiliate anyone who does not obey their tribal code, they run amok and destroy whatever they can. Their resentments and violence are actually an amazing by-product of this grand experiment in perverting natural human impulses. They have created such unequal relations between men and women that the latter are literally invisible and will be constantly demeaned.

Those people born into this society must squelch and obliterate those normal aspects of being human -- self preservation, respect for young life, and natural human sexual impulses. No wonder that when introduced into a free society so many simply cannot behave in peaceful and rational ways. The blonde light-skinned woman is seen as a taunt to a sexually-repressed man. In his mindset, he must humiliate and destroy that which tempts him but which he has been taught he cannot have. And the violence against another human is sanctioned by his religious leader, so that the men need not have any shame or guilt. Dogs are considered impure so they, too, must be brutalized. Couple this with a vaulted sense of superiority which he has been taught since childhood, and the experiment is complete.

Thus, because he is a mere puppet of sharia dictates, the Muslim cannot fathom the psychological, physical, and emotional toll he endures and that is totally bolstered by his community's dictates.

Clearly, not all Muslims should be maligned; in fact, we should honor the memory of the Muslim man who was murdered for extending wishes to his Christian customers.

But we must also consider the following. Though the so-called moderate Muslim may not engage in terrorist activities, "he may well find it exceedingly difficult to criticize such actions, because when he contemplates them he cannot entirely dismiss the thought that the perpetrators are better, truer, more devoted Muslims than he is" (Bawer, 63). Remember the younger the adherent, the stronger the lesson is learned; it is the successful product of an experiment that shows no signs of abating and which has been inordinately successful.

That the Western world is now falling into this mindset -- better known as rampant child abuse -- by not protecting its young and its women will be the most amazing coup of all.

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