Thursday, March 31, 2016

Letter to AIPAC on 2 State Solution - MK Machlouf “Mickey” Zohar

by MK Mickey Zohar

(Hebrew-English translation courtesy of Mattot Arim)

AIPAC urges all members of Congress to support the ...two-state solution???

22 February 2016
Attn: Mr. Cameron Brown
Jerusalem Office Director, AIPAC

Re: Questionable statement on the organization’s website


Dear Sir,

It has been brought to my attention that on your organization’s Internet site, you chose to declare that your position is based on the following statement: “AIPAC urges all members of Congress to support the ...two-state solution” (see link:

You did clearly incorporate a number of limitations (such as negotiations, demilitarization, recognition of a Jewish state) but there is still no question that this statement stands in contrast with the diplomatic path in which the majority of the Israeli public believes.

I too believe in one state in the Land of Israel and as a Knesset Member on behalf of Likud, I will  do everything in my power to prevent any giveaway of any of the country’s territory.

In 1967, the State of Israel returned to itself the Judea and Samaria regions; these belong to the Jewish people historically which is why the Jewish people cannot be an occupier in its own land.

Also, according to all scientific and historic evidence, the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel whereas the arguments supporting establishment of a Palestinian state are not based in fact.

Your estimable organization has, by means of this statement, taken a position which does not represent the important and principled interests of the State of Israel and of the people of Israel and certainly not the interest of the Jewish people.

Therefore, I request that your organization consider a different mission statement which will serve the Jewish people around the world and the State of Israel in particular.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Mickey – Machlouf Zohar, MK

MK Mickey Zohar


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