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Vassar Pro-Palestinian Group's Terrorist Chic - Mark Tapson

by Mark Tapson

"Resistance is not terrorism." Except when you commit acts of terror.

Terrorist chic is in these days, what with singer Beyonce's recent Black Panthers Super Bowl tribute featuring backup dancers in jaunty black berets, and now “sweet f***ing antiZionist gear” being promoted by Students for Justice in Palestine at Vassar.*

That's Vassar student and SJP activist Andrew Joung above back in February, sporting a hoodie with an infamous photo of Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled and the catchy slogan "Resistance is not terrorism." Except that resistance is terrorism when it is in the form of terrorist acts, such as the stabbing intifada of Israeli Jewish citizens by Palestinian Muslims, apparently supported by Joung and his Vassar SJP cohorts.

As a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Leila Khaled has the dubious distinction of being "the first female hijacker" for her participation in a 1969 plane hijacking and another in 1970 as part of Black September. A photo of her with a Palestinian kaffiyeh and an AK-47 turned her into an icon of terrorism chic. You may remember Khaled from a 2014 interview in which she stated that the Palestinian intifada of 2000 failed because it was not violent enough.
Canary Mission has more details about Khaled:
As of 2015, Khaled sat on PFLP’s Central Committee. The PFLP claimed “credit”for the 2001 assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi, the 2011 butchering of the Fogel Family (including a three month old infant, a four year old and an eleven year old) and the 2014 Har Nof Massacre – where Jews were slaughtered at prayer.
Now there's a role model you want emblazoned on your clothing, hanging in your closet alongside your Che t-shirts. Andrew Juong's parents must be proud of what he's making of himself at Vassar.

Canary Mission also has created a database documenting people and groups promoting hatred of the U.S., Israel and the Jewish people, particularly on college campuses in North America. According to that database, SJP Vassar was created in September 2013 and describes itself as striving “for the full decolonization of Palestinian lands” — in other words, the eradication of Israel. Canary Mission has much more on SJP Vassar's anti-Israel radicalism here, including this:
SJP Vassar also advertised the sale of “Existence is Resistance” T-shirts, which include various designs featuring the words “Straight Outta F**k Israel” a picture of a masked gunman, as well as the Leila Khaled T-shirt.
The Vassar SJP Facebook page announces that 100% of the profits from the t-shirts "goes toward organizing Palestinian resistance." So presumably it helps fund the stabbing intifada, among other forms of "resistance" (which is not terrorism, remember). A few examples:

Existence is Resistance describes itself as "an internationalist organization determined to promote non-violent resistance through cultural arts... with a focus on connecting to the situation of occupied Palestine."
Nonviolent except when they promote images of violent terrorists.

These t-shirts aren't new, actually. A couple of years ago, inexplicable media fixture and professor of hip hop Marc Lamont Hill wore one displaying the image of Leila Khaled as he conducted an interview for Huffington Post Live:

Read more about Hill at the Freedom Center's Discover the Networks profile on him here.
As David Horowitz has written,
The most active anti-Jewish group [on college campuses], Students for Justice in Palestine, claims to be promoting a left-wing agenda of “social justice,” and “universal human rights.” But like the left itself, Students for Justice in Palestine doesn’t stand for the rights of Palestinians in the territories controlled by Palestinians... Instead SJP’s sole agenda is the destruction of the Jewish state.
[I]t is a group funded by university fees and officially recognized by university administrations who grant it the privilege of erecting walls of hate and conducting “die-ins” and other propaganda stunts in campus centers where other students can’t avoid being assaulted by their noxious images.
Noxious images like that on clothing from the "nonviolent" Existence is Resistance.
*the expletive has since been deleted from that Facebook post, although Canary Mission has a screenshot of it.

Mark Tapson

Source:  http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/vassar-pro-palestinian-groups-terrorist-chic

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