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Rabbis for Human Rights aid a land scam in Israel - Ronn Torossian

by Ronn Torossian

The organization, which seems altruistic, is helping those who pull off a scam against the Israeli government.

Israeli pro-Palestinian non-profit human rights organizations attract donors because they seem like legitimate organizations dedicated to bettering people’s lives – although in reality many of them are devoted to weakening Israel. Their donors mean well - since reading the websites of such groups might lead one to believe that the organization’s goals align with a peaceful resolution in which everyone in the Middle East winds up respecting each other’s rights and living harmoniously wherever they choose. Not realistic, but certainly a worthwhile goal to pursue.

Take Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), a grantee of the extremist leftist organization New Israel Fund, for example. At first glance, it has a self-explanatory, seemingly well-intentioned name. The "About" section of their website proudly declares the organization “the only rabbinic voice in Israel that is explicitly dedicated to human rights.” Their mission is “to inform the Israeli public about human rights violations, and to pressure the State institutions to redress these injustices,” and, naturally, we expect rabbis to be concerned about about human rights.

Much of their work under the mission statement appears altruistic, fighting for rights of the poor and rights to public housing. Additionally, the organization defends the Bedouin community. Their most problematic work is in what they label as “Occupied Territories” and that warrants a careful reading.

According to their website, RHR works with Palestinian farmers in the “Occupied Territories” to gain access to “their” land.  They suggest that the Israeli army is blocking access and Israeli settlers are vandalizing fields. RHR works to manipulate the Israeli legal system in order to force the transfer of state land to Palestinian ownership.

In reviewing evidence of a video in real time made by the Zionist NGO Ad Kan, one sees undercover activists of Ad Kan gaining confirmation of the land allocation scam. While most of the video is deservedly focused on Ta’ayush, an anti-Israel “human rights organization” with whom they work, the link to RHR is clear.

Here's how it works, as this film shows: The Israeli government allocates certain government land in Judea and Samaria to anyone willing to cultivate it. The land is owned by the state and if it is not cultivated, the state reclaims it for reallocation. Basically, Israel gives farmers a test drive, and Ta’ayush decides to drive off with the car after RHR hands them the keys. RHR provides the legal advice, telling Ta’ayush what documents to file and which signatures to get in order to falsely claim the land as Palestinian, without any actual legal claim to the land and often without any attempt to cultivate it. RHR essentially advises the Palestinian Arabs to claim that the Israeli government is blocking the farmers from doing their work - this happens after some provocation brings the IDF to the scene and the "farmers" film it - making it appear that the only way to cultivate the land is to give it to the Palestinian Arabs unconditionally.

The Palestinians and organizations like RHR are missing the point of land allocation policies, and demonstrating a continued abuse of Israel and the rule of law. The allocation of uncultivated land is intended to create jobs in rural areas and allow the fertile land to be used to grow crops rather than let it stay barren. The Israeli Land Authority requires farmers to develop an agricultural plan and implement it, to prove that the land is being used productively and helping both agricultural and community development.

RHR is promoting a subtle and prejudiced agenda. This fraud of the justice system and Land Authority further demonstrates how RHR is just another NIF grantee with subversive intentions. They all cause headaches for the Israeli justice system and drag everyone involved further from any chance for peace.

It is shameful that American Jews continue to support these initiatives financially, harming the State of Israel.

Ronn Torossian


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