Friday, September 30, 2016

Watch: Arab Trump supporter beaten by mob at BLM protest - David Rosenberg

by David Rosenberg

BLM is NOT about tolerance!!

An Arab-American supporter of Donald Trump was chased and beaten by an angry mob during a Black Lives Matter protest in southern California Wednesday.

Feras Jabro, a 21-year old San Diego resident, was attacked by demonstrators in El Cajon, California who had gathered to protest the recent shooting of a local man by police.

But when protesters noticed Jabro’s “Make America Great Again” hat – a symbol of support for the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump – some in the crowd went berserk, charging Jabro, who attempted to flee.

The unfortunate Trump supporter was cornered, however, and beaten before being escorted away from the mob after attackers removed his hat.

While some protesters continued to follow him, Jabro was able to find safety around a police detail assigned to contain the demonstration.

“I simply walked into the rally wearing a Donald Trump hat; I was attacked, thrown to the ground, kicked, chased,” Jabro said.

David Rosenberg


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