Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Business as usual in the hangman's square - Dr. Gabi Avital

by Dr. Gabi Avital

The march calling for the prime minister's head is a reboot of the 2011 social justice movement – the same people, the same elitism and intolerance

Sometime back in the 19th century, the writer Abraham Mapu wrote in his book "The Guilt of Samaria": "The truth and its presence fled the gates of Samaria to be buried in grottoes and between the boulders, justice resided in the forest and faith – in caves." It's possible that no one will ever tell the story of the requiem for Israeli media, the selling out of the profession that is supposed to safeguard democracy; of the calls for revolt, revolution, and violence.

Once again, the enlightened are marching on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, the site of the massive social justice campaign of the summer of 2011. Not over Israel's "diplomatic isolation" or over the alliances between Israel and many other countries that our forefathers could not have imagined. Not over the jump in the gross domestic product and the drop in unemployment, or the traffic jams on the way to the airport – more Israelis are traveling abroad than ever. The grand march was in opposition to one man, the man for whom guillotines were set up on Rothschild, who was shown in pictures with a rope around his neck, his suits switched for a Nazi uniform – the man who is admired and loved by millions is met with cries of "Bibi Sonofabitch, let God take you" and "Son of a Thousand Investigations."

A reminder – the first social justice protest movement on Rothschild Boulevard began on Bastille Day, July 14, in 2011. The Left is once again flush with anger. The slogans, the flags, the government and the law, the media and the army and the newspapers, the boycotts and the guillotines, the threats and the humiliations. Then, like now, they declared: "We will knock the old order down to its foundations." They put out black reports from morning to night. When police officials are encouraged by the number of participants in the demonstrations, when there is one set of laws for the protesters outside the attorney general's house and another for those who protest outside the home of the president of the Supreme Court, the marchers can throw the police and the judges on the marchers' fire, as well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn't alone. The boorish enlightened Left ripped down pictures of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon in a fit of righteous fury, too. The enlightened are replete, stuffed with pleasure, red-faced, just like they were in 2011. Participants in both movements fit the same socio-economic profile. In their eyes, Netanyahu symbolizes the white traitor, the man who has no god other than cigars, the unrecognizably corrupt man, "Ne-hen-tyahu" (pleasure-seeker), to use the slang of the uncultured. This man has been persecuted for some 20 years for a single crime: beating the late Labor party leader Shimon Peres.

The new, slick-tongued MKs aren't offended. They have ready responses for the shameless, intolerant interviewees. The Left sees only one problem with them: they haven't yet finished evolving from monkeys to enlightened human beings; they are Jews from Arab countries. Dear elected officials who do their jobs and carry out the will of the voters with reason and justice – David Bitan, David Amsalam, Miri Regev, Danny Danon – are threatened with ridiculous indictments, humiliated from every stage and shamed like lepers. So uncouth.

It's very sad. 100 years after the Balfour Declaration, to the sorrow of the post-Zionists who see themselves as enlightened, Balfour Street is the seat of the best prime minister the Jewish people have ever had. The man who is leading the people and the state to heights that 100 years ago no one ever dreamed of is boycotted by the rabble on Rothschild Boulevard, on their way to Berlin.

Dr. Gabi Avital

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