Thursday, December 7, 2017

How dumb are these people? - James Lewis

by James Lewis

The age of the web has caught Mueller and his team fair and square, but they don't seem to understand it yet.

Donald Trump said a while ago that he preferred to write with a pen on a paper notepad and send his notes by messenger rather than trust email. The usual hyenas howled at the moon, the way they do.

But now Robert Mueller has exposed himself and all the Democrat donors on his posse via the web. Nine of his snarling bloodhounds gave money to Obama and Hillary, and they presumably wanted favors, because that's how the Clintons and Obamas operate. Apparently, there's not a single nonpartisan or Republican in Mueller's dog pack, not even for the appearance of fairness. This is not the mark of a legal genius.

The age of the web has caught Mueller and his team fair and square, but they don't seem to understand it yet.

Two posse members were fired in August because they tweeted their rage at POTUS to each other. This is classical impulse texting: you have a great sneer to share, and you type it to your boyfriend or girlfriend, like teenage kids. They couldn't wait, so they ended up sharing their thoughts with the world.

I'm sure that Vladimir Putin has read those tweets already, and I'm looking forward to their worldwide publication via WikiLeaks or some hacker in Bulgaria.

FBI operatives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page got fired from the Mueller posse three months ago, but Mueller "forgot" to tell the Nunes Committee about that fact. Apparently, none of those legal eagles realized that Congress or a court of law can subpoena those tweets whenever the political winds start to blow a different way. Messages don't disappear from the web. Somebody could dig out every single text or email written by Mueller's pack of hounds throughout the past year.

Trump's lawyer should demand to see every single one of them, because by now, the presumption of innocence is dead as a doornail.

Some judge somewhere has to be taking note. (With a regular pen on a legal notepad, we hope.)

POTUS is guilty, for sure – the only question is, what of?

For the last twelve months, the media have been calling Mueller's posse "an impeachment investigation," and half the country is drooling at the prospect. Byron York just came to the conclusion that Mueller's witch-hunters are looking for anything, anything at all, to get the duly elected president of the United States kicked out of office, and the United States Constitution be damned. Trump is even attacked for complaining about it.

In the fair-minded Watergate tradition, Robert Mueller has been leaking to the media on a regular basis, while also complaining in court that Paul Manafort was writing an op-ed to defend himself. That way Mueller can keep the howling mob charged up with regular tidbits, while the designated victims are forced to clam up.

Clarence Thomas called it "a high-tech lynch mob," and that's what it is. But they are low-tech minds in a high-tech world.

We now know that unprejudiced Mr. Strzok of the Comey FBI also "examined" Hillary's thousands of emails and cleared them of any suspicion of wrongdoing, except for "extreme carelessness."

Then there is Mr. Comey, who accepted Strzok's word about Hillary's tens of thousands of emails. Strzok himself wrote the exculpatory wording for Comey's official FBI report. We can believe him, because he's a big FBI expert, and he read every word in those emails.

Now, Comey apparently doesn't understand Twitter either, because last week, when General Flynn was nailed on a technical Catch 22, Comey actually tweeted his congratulations to his old friend Mueller in public.

And signed his own name.

These are the very same people who were charged with protecting the United States of America for three administrations: the biggest rising stars in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DOJ.

None of these people seems to be up to date on electronics and the web. Does anybody remember how Hillary's good friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz hired her Pakistani boyfriend as an I.T. genius for the Democratic National Committee? Remember how his family (five Pakistani I.T. "specialists," including the Muslim mom) were in control of the intelligence committees' computer networks? Remember how they made off to Allahabad when Trump got elected? Remember how none of the Democrat committee members could remember who the Awan brothers were, despite seeing them every day?

Would you trust the DNC with your web security? Would you trust any of these folks to hold your wallet for half a minute?

These are horse and buggy people in the age of the instant web.

James Lewis


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