Monday, August 26, 2019

Senior journalist: 'Arabs are savages' - Mordechai Sones

by Mordechai Sones

Yaron London says in broadcast: 'Arabs are wild people, they kill themselves too.' Corporation attacks: 'Unfortunate statement; apologize.'

Yaron London
Yaron London
Flash 90

TV presenter Yaron London attacked violent "Arab culture", claiming that "Arabs are savages, they kill themselves too."

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation called him a "provocateur of yesteryear" and demanded that he apologize by midnight tomorrow.

The TV presenter said in his show Geulah v'London: "Arabs are savages ["pir'ei adam," the biblical description for Ishmael]. By the way, I accept this position, Arabs are savages. They don't just hate Jews, they kill themselves first and foremost, right, left, forward, east, west. Arabs slaughter Arabs. No problem with that. I haven't talked about Palestinians, I've talked about Arab culture."

Later towards the end of the program, London clarified: "Before the end, my editors told me on social networks that there were already protests about my statements about murderous Arab civilization, so I guess it'll go like this: Arabs and sworn Leftists are going to say 'London's a racist.' Right-wingers are going to say, 'Even Leftist London says the Arabs are murderous.' It's boring, don't do it."

Mordechai Sones


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