Thursday, August 29, 2019

'They were unable to silence us' - Nitsan Keidar

by Nitsan Keidar

Director of the International Division of Regavim discusses how threats against the organization only help it send out its message.

An event of the Regavim movement that was supposed to take place in London was canceled after a series of threats by anti-Israeli organizations and BDS activists.

Naomi Kahn, Director of the International Division of Regavim, told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday that the cancellation eventually played in favor of the message her movement wants to convey. "I was invited to speak by a very reputable British organization that wanted to hear what we were doing and also to describe our recent campaign that describes the results after a decade of the Fayyad plan."

"Inciting statements which elicited many reactions were published in the left-wing media in England, and a group of local pro-Palestinian organizations, as well as ones based in Ramallah, organized a ‘day of rage’ of protests against Regavim, against me and against the organization that invited me. The organizers of the event assessed that they would need to take security precautions that they will not be able to organize in a short time and decided to postpone the event,” added Kahn.

"They failed to silence us and the people who wanted to hear us. We received many inquiries from people who were furious at the attempt to shut our mouths and invited us for further lectures and meetings - which would widen the circle for people who want to be exposed to the message we want to convey," Kahn said.

She added that she was surprised by the determination to harm the event. "It never happened before. I also appear before activists from leftist organizations in Israel and around the world and there is always a respectful discourse and everyone voices their opinion and position - so that people can hear and decide. It has not yet happened that they tried in this ugly way to threaten us and try to shut our mouths."

Nitsan Keidar


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