Thursday, August 29, 2019

So why isn't Rep. Ilhan Omar's vida loca getting the same penalties Rep. Duncan Hunter's got? - Monica Showalter

by Monica Showalter

Funny how just one side of the political spectrum gets penalized for the same thing the other side is doing.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is living la vida loca these days.

For her, when it's not bouncing back and forth between her husband and brother on the matrimony front, it's jumping into the homewrecker racket, with some woman now claiming Omar stole her husband.

Not exactly the sort of life the Sharia crowd recommends, at least for women, of course, but Omar comes from the elites and Sharia law in places such as her native Somalia, is only for little people, anyway. Omar's got that one covered.

The real problem with her alley-cat morals is that seems to be a vector to corruption. Here's the New York Post:
MINNEAPOLIS — Rep. Ilhan Omar’s soap-opera love life threatened to become more of a political thriller Wednesday as watchdog groups questioned whether her alleged affair with a married member of her paid political-consulting team constituted an ethics violation.
“It looks like on the surface that she used campaign finance funds to benefit her paramour,” said Tom Fitton, head of conservative oversight group Judicial Watch, which last month asked the House Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate unsubstantiated claims that Omar (D – Minn.) married her brother to get him a green card.
“The new reporting is additional reason for an ethics investigation,” said Fitton, adding that, in light of The Post’s exclusive reporting, he plans to file a supplemental complaint with the OCE — and may also ask the Federal Election Commission to eye the arrangement. “This would be par for the course for Ilhan Omar.”

Let's see - illicit love life, big campaign cash, money going to trips and travel that should be spent on campaigns... Didn't we see this sort of thing earlier? Back when GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter was keelhauled through the press for, yep, same thing, misusing campaign funds for personal things and having a lover on the side who was the motivation for it? Hunter was reviled for this behavior, probably with some justification though it was a disappointment to those of us who liked him, and penalized by his own party for it: He lost all his committee assignments and faced indictment.

Like Hunter, Omar is denying any wrongdoing, but that didn't stop his fellow Republicans in Congress from acting against him. Now we see Omar doing the same thing - using campaign funds to enrich her lover (with a fine disguise of campaign contributions) and engaging in travel to unlikely, yet picturesque places, likely involving him. Where are her lost committee assignments? And why the heck isn't she as under indictment as Hunter is?

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