Friday, November 10, 2017

Hamas' moral collapse - Dr. Reuven Berko

by Dr. Reuven Berko

The Israeli trifecta of intelligence agents, electronic capabilities and engineering genius spells disaster for Hamas.

The detonation of a terror tunnel last week signaled the collapse of Hamas and Islamic Jihad's strategy of creating mass killing capabilities and taking Israeli communities or individuals hostage in order to free their terrorists and issue unprecedented political and security demands.

The collapse of a number of Hamas tunnels under mysterious circumstances has left many terror organizations in the Gaza Strip with unanswered questions and harmed their members' sense of personal and operational security. These were direct hits to the hiding places where senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials planned to hide while Gaza's residents served as their human shields.

The Israeli trifecta of intelligence agents, electronic capabilities and engineering genius spells disaster for Hamas. The terrorist organization's obstinate decision to dig itself to death, knowing full well the sophisticated obstacle Israel was placing in its path, served to speed up the process.

This was a mortal blow to the subterranean concept the organization adopted in an effort to replicate on a much grander scale the Gilad Schalit prisoner exchange. The detonation of the tunnel left the bodies of five senior terrorists as bargaining chips to be used by Israel for the return of the missing Israelis and the bodies of the Israelis soldiers being held by Hamas and put an end to its illusions Israel would free terrorists along the Schalit model.

In the meantime, Hamas has rejected an offer to exchange the missing Israelis and the bodies of the IDF soldiers for the terrorists' bodies. The terror organizations' lack of interest in their own people and their dead has always been evident in the fact that they never demanded the bodies of terrorists buried in the Jordan Valley. These dead terrorists, however, belonged to organizations that pretend to be "Islamic" and are therefore obligated to bury their martyrs according to Shariah law.

The detonation of the terror tunnel also constitutes a failure of leadership and morality, as Hamas promised its Gazan constituents that their suffering benefits their strategy against Israel.

Hamas' leaders will be forced to explain why the life of one Israeli soldier, living or dead, is worth 1,000 of its own. They will need to inform the terrorists' families that their relatives will not be released from prison and explain to those digging the tunnels they will likely die in an explosion and not be buried according to the laws of Islam. One can assume that Hamas, in an act of desperation, will seek to repeat the scenario of the exploded tunnel in an effort prove to Israel the futility of its improved preparedness. As the famous adage commonly attributed to Albert Einstein says, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Dr. Reuven Berko


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